They didn't need to burn Joan; just use she/her pronouns when speaking; it'll have the same effect since it's literal violence!

They could've saved the wood because she would've committed suicide herself after all that misgendering, obviously!

Some TIM scholar is insisting they had transgender in mediaeval times. Not in any sense that the term means now. They didn’t have queer theory. They’d have had men who got a sexual thrill from dressing in women’s clothes, the fetish known up to last week as transvestism and not taken as part of being transsexual (as previously understood). They may even had men who really felt uncomfortable with having men’s bodies but, honestly, I’m going to guess that there weren’t many mediaeval men thinking ‘I’m more of a woman - property, baby machine, sex slave, that’s my internal essence’ and I’m also sure there would be written records of that phenomenon occurring at least once if indeed it was a thing.

Lol one of the commebts. "As the flames rose to their roman nose and their walkperson started to melt." 🤣🤣🤣