Trans activists are the most racist and homophobic of all

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When I used to play nice with TIMs online, it was a common joke among them not to ask what they were politically before transition because so many of them were literal neo nazis.

Did transitioning make them stop being neo-Nazis?

Barely. You could tell they still believed all the same crap, they just had to pretend otherwise because obviously liberals don't like nazis. It's why TIMs scream especially loudly at women, black people, other people of color, lesbians, etc that don't "believe" in transgenderism- they see these groups as inferior, they resent having to play nice with people they truly despise. It's why the minute trans get any sort of power they start attacking groups they see as lesser- lesbians, gays, women, and people of color- and try to bring these people under their heel.

It's all the same neo nazi mindset- just hidden behind pastel pink and blue. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

they come for the weak, they start by targeting those they think no one cares about the minorities the oppressed, IMHO they will come for the men eventually and their language too once they silence everyone else one by one.

This is so true.

To me, this illustrates so perfectly how out of touch the wokies are with the things they preach. Now there's no longer any need to take inventory on personal interactions with individuals or groups; instead, everything is sYsTeMiC. What happens is that even BLACK, AFRICAN WOMEN OF COLOR get silenced for their views and called "white supremacists," or TERFS, because they don't openly agree with woke ideology. It's the same lack of reasoning that peaked me on JKR... isn't feminism, erm, like, NOT ripping apart a woman for a well-formed, thoughtful opinion EVEN IF it goes against the common grain?

‘A man even told her that criticizing FGM was “racist” because it was “part of African culture.”’

Well done TRA for telling an African woman what her culture is.

The article doesn’t specify but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the TRAs criticising her are not fellow Africans but the blue haired mob in a basement in Portland, Oregon.

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Post modernism, "respect every culture and never criticize or question," and the like has set females back so fucking far.

Also culture is never static. No culture is the same as it was a generation, a century, half a millennium ago. That’s usually considered, if not a good thing, simply a neutral fact of human civilisation.

They also ignore the modernisers from these cultures such as ME women protesting against compulsory hijab, or African women campaigning against FGM or Indian women against child marriage. For some reason, they seek to affirm the old men speaking over these women.

'part of african culture' ah yes because as we know entire continents all share the same culture

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I see this all the time regarding Africa. Sometimes I think maybe they mean South Africans specifically but usually I'm pretty sure they are just referring to the whole continent as one unified monolith. Gotta love a guy mansplaining what FGM is though.

That's b/c they think Africa is a country, instead of a continent comprised of a whole range of different nations, ethnic groups, languages, belief systems, etc.

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Sad to hear it but not surprising; I'd guess they would be particularly high priority targets because TRAs want to paint women concerned with women's sex-based issues as just being overprivileged hysterical Karens with no real problems, when the reality is that a feminist framework that acknowledges and analyzes sex-based oppression has far more relevance to the oppression experienced by women and girls around the world than their 'I identify as....' silly made up games. Living proof that real oppression is bigger than delusions, hurt feelings and unmet entitlement. They would want to silence that quickly.

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I hope she is here on Ovarit. :( I follow her on Twitter. I will try to help support her on other platforms. P. S. I just bought her book.

Laetitia Ky and Sylvia Chioma don’t deserve this 🤬

TRAs don't give a fuck about women's issues. They sure as hell don't care about black women and the issues they face the world over.

Unfollow her and burn her book

Because nothing says “Right side of history” like burning books.

I want people to read the works of Serrano, Chu, Lavery, et al, so they can see the misogyny in the authors’ own words. TRAs try to silence women because they’re afraid of the truth.

On her instagram page there were a surprising amount (the majority) of women and men agreeing with her , it was actually really refreshing to see. However the TRAs were trying their hardest to guilt , shame and attack her for simply stating the fact that women around the world are oppressed for the sex. But I very surprised to see non GC accounts attacking the TRAs for their narcissistic raging. There were even TIFs coming out in support of her. Kind of feels like the tide is turning, at least in that comment section.

I've read a handful of reddit comments sections recently (about JKR threats, and some other related topics) and have been surprised to see the tide turning. People are speaking out against the "agree with us 100% that we are exactly the same as women or else" ...it's boiling over and i love to see it

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And of course they even called her n***** Tell me again how this isn't a white supremacy movement?

Most of them used to be either incels or supported the alt-right/neo-nazis

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