Good for the brave man — who looked to be in his 70s — protecting the woman speaker against this creepy, creepy male.

The amount of physical aggression TRAs get away with--that everyone has come to expect and then ignore--is astounding. If the general rules of society were applied to them like everyone else, they'd expect some sort of physic rebuff for groping a woman BETWEEN ANOTHER MAN'S LEGS. That older man has the tolerance of a saint.

What an unhinged creep! People are saying he looks like the pervert who kicked the whole thing off, but surely no one would let that person supervise children?

He reminds me of the trans-identified ogre who got in a woman's face at another protest and shouted "WITCH! WITCH!" in the rhythm and intonation of a barking dog. I don't want to share a planet never mind a dressing room with these psychos.

Disgracefully the individual man who shouted that has just been appointed to an official position in Scotland.

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Are you fucking serious

I thought it was some crazy rando but he's actually a person in a position of power??

Jesus christ.

What a fucking coward. Bolts as soon as the cops arrive. TRAs are fucking bullies who only punch down. Fuck the dude defending him too. Gotta respect the old man holding his ground along with the other people protecting the women.

Why the fuck didn't the cops go after him? I mean, doesn't look like many of them could chase after him anyway but since when do cops just let people go if they run?

What a disturbing individual. The methodical behaviour he exhibited in trying to touch that woman is horrifying. He was so intent on it he barely seemed to notice anyone else. Frightening.

This is so weird.

Why is that old man just casually allowing this young guy to leave his head resting straight on his dick?

And of course the guy in black who pushes the woman away has a rat tail 🤢

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Bruh needs to lay off the meth and, honestly, I think a good few years of hormone replacement and/or suppression would allow him time to grow the hell up. Note I am not talking about so-called “tw”, just young men that exhibit this behavior in general.