I don't particularly like the bloke but years ago he appeared on the BBC and pointed out all the failings of Tavistock. All the same failings that have led to its closure.

He was absolutely hounded and vilified by the press and wider public. Now people are pointing out he was right all along.

As we are seeing more and more, the only TRA voices left are a handful of accounts run by TIMs.

I don't particularly like the bloke but years ago he appeared on the BBC and pointed out all the failings of Tavistock. All the same failings that have led to its closure. He was absolutely hounded and vilified by the press and wider public. Now people are pointing out he was right all along. As we are seeing more and more, the only TRA voices left are a handful of accounts run by TIMs.


I was never a big fan of his but always respected his talent. But the way he was treated is so despicable. He's the only man I can think of who was hounded like women are and TRAs went out of their way to practically destroy his reputation.

Like you said though, he was right all along.

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yeah omg I have such wildly mixed feelings about him. On the one hand he's a genius, I mean Father Ted AND Black Books AND The IT Crowd, is there anyone else who has a track record like that? He really genuinely cares about womens' rights and stood up for us when no one else would, and he's brave enough to say unpopular things when they are right... He has so many wildly positive qualities but it really, really bothered me to see how thin skinned he was on the Internet. It was just excruciating to witness because I like him! And the bullies just went for him because he let them see it got to him.

I really hope he gets to see himself vindicated as thoroughly as he could ever want, he deserves that, and I hope that the problems with Pope Ted get resolved and he makes a shitload of money (I will 100% go and see it when it's possible to do so) and I hope he learns to get a thicker skin too, he'll be so much happier if he does.

As far as comedy track records go, I personally love Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Fresh Meat, Succession, Babylon, also worked on The Thick of It). I dare not to look into his take on TRA stuff as I don't want to be disappointed.

If he wasn't thin skinned on the internet he wouldn't be in this fight. He started to get involved when TRAs tried to cancel him on twitter over transphobia because of that one IT Crowd episode with a TIM character. (Not to take away from all he's done and went through, but it's fact.)

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Yes, a lot of TERFs only realised what was going on when someone tried to cancel them!

But I don't think it's fair to characterise that as "they got in this fight because they're thin skinned." It's more often that they realised they were dealing with a mob full of raving unreasonable lunatics, considered the wider implications, and peaked. Glinner had previous experience of religiously motivated loons trying to cancel him, a demonstrated commitment to womens' rights, and he's an intelligent man who could see where this was heading once he got the lie of the land. Saying he wouldn't be in this if he wasn't thin skinned seems very uncharitable and unfair and I think it does take away from all he's done to attribute it to such a petty motivation.

I agree. And while Dave Chappelle has been treated abysmally, he does have some pretty important celebrity backers from Madonna to John Stewart, plus he's got fuck you money.

Linehan seems like he might go overboard at times or get a bit obsessed, but I sense his head and hearts's in the right space and he doesn't have fuck you money or big celebrity pals.

Also, Dave Chapelle understandably calls out racism…but then throws women and gays under the bus.

He says if Weinstein had been good looking there would have been no ‘me too’

Talks about women being too sensitive and ‘fragile’

He famously mocks a woman comedian who was the victim of loisis CK masturbating on a phone call and it lead her to leave comedy

“B*tch, you cant hang ip a phone?!?” And ‘what a fragile soul’ to leave comedy for that.

but He states he quit the Chapelle show because he saw a white crewman laughing at the wrong part, leading him to believe he was laughing at Chapelle, not with him

I get his point. He jokes about stereotypes to break them down and needs to make sure he isn’t reinforcing them.

But no attempt at insight into the Women’s issues?!?

I read his Weinstein joke as comparing him to someone like JFK or Bill Clinton. Like Clinton pretty much sexually pressured/coerced Monica Lewinsky but that didn't trigger a 'me too' moment because Clinton was a "lady's man" and of COURSE any woman would want to sleep with him. /s

Won't debate the CK stuff though.

I really like him and hope that eventually he and everyone else burned at the stake over this see the recognition they deserve for their bravery. He didn’t have to join this fight, but he saw what was happening to women was wrong so he did anyways and that is admirable.

He joined the fight at great personal cost and yet he remains fighting. I wish that the brilliant women that have also been fighting and have also experienced the harassment and cancelling will be acknowledged one day.

Me too, I subscribe to his substack, and listen to The Mess. He's lost a lot over this, and really deserves some credit, as do, I hasten to add, many many women. Sure there are things about which to disagree with him, but tis true of pretty much anyone...and a whole lot more to agree with.

I am a big fan and I am glad to hear it.

Yeah i low key think he's kinda cute but i have a thing for Brits in general

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U wot mate.

Sorry but as a Brit this is hilarious to me. Please come to Scotland and I'll show you the wildlife, so to speak.

Also Linehan is Irish. Not British. Extremely important.

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I KNEW I'd get this comment 😂😂😂 i meant British as in from the British islands, i mean what's a word that encompasses all of y'all? Although i like the English and Scottish accents best 😍 Edit: i have to add though, not crazy about Scousers accent

He's a brilliant (like, national treasure-level brilliant) writer. He has a hardcore track record as a supporter of women's rights, which was made clear during the Repeal the 8th campaign. He's amazing and makes me proud to be Irish.

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I'm a fan, he's stood his ground on this issue at great personal & professional cost.

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One tweet read: ‘He’s literally got to the point where he’s trawling lesbian dating apps and looking for women who don’t fit his standards and posting their pictures publicly’

Normal people would read this as a straight man getting upset and humiliating women he thinks aren't attractive, instead of a man posting photos of other men.

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That statement is so purposely deceptive. He isn't being judgmental of "women who don't fit his standards." He is judging MEN who fully deserve to be ridiculed because they are, in fact, ridiculous. They try so hard to make him sound like a typical scrote by misusing language in this way. I had to re-read that sentence twice because my mind couldn't make sense of it at first. This is the whole reason they want to put a space between the trans and women in transwomen. Absolutely everything about this movement is about lies and hiding their true motives.

Not to mention forgetting to include Graham's hilarious "lesbian" profile on Her. 🤣

I worried he would injure himself with that massive head tilt.

Yes, I remember that. He was exposing all the MEN on "lesbian" dating sites. TRAs tried to make out he was some kind of perv.



They don’t fit the ‘standards’ of being a female on a site for females who are female attracted

I like Graham. But I'd like to see the women who were right about Tavistock start trending as well. Lots of women blew the whistle along with him

Exactly this

No shade to Linehan. In fact, he mentions his privilege himself. At least he isn’t that thrice damned Matt Walsh dick

But I want the women vindicated!!

Yes. Both. Everyone who stood up, paid a cost, and was brave. All of them should be vindicated. Women. And men. IMHO. Perhaps Graham gets a moment in the sun of possible vindication. And others also. After all, my impression is Twitter (I'm not on it) can't handle more than one person, idea at time.

I can't wait for the Father Ted musical. Wishful thinking:I hope Matt Stone and Trey Parker collaborate with him, it would be the ultimate come back. And they're good at absurd comedy and musicals.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 8 points

That could make an insanely great collaboration, fully agree. Especially since Parker and Stone are also basically untouchable. They just do what they want.

That would be absolutely amazing! It's too bad that Stone and Parker have so much on their plate right now after the Paramount deal.

And they bought Casa Bonita, which is a complete wreck. They're focusing on renovating it and making it a South Park destination.

Whaaa? That's amazing! I didn't know that Casa Bonita was a real restaurant!

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Is there something in particular you don’t like about him?

From what I know I like and respect him

As a white male he could have mumbled some apology and recited the Lawdz prayer about TWAW and stayed successful

Edit to add: I am a bit salty that no women are getting properly vindicated but that’s not his fault. He will admit to getting less poop flung his way due to being male

He has defended porn and clashed with Karen Davis some time ago - I don't remember exactly what he said to/about her but if I remember right it was kinda nasty - he also had a habit of (together with Arty Morty) completely shouting over any female guest they were talking with, though I believe that got better. I still mostly like him, but stuff like this is why I usually prefer to just stick with female activists.

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I find him to be very easily angered and trolled which is not good for the movement.

Love his work. I just think like a lot of writers he comes across better in writing.

I'm middling, I don't know much about him but I loved when he edited his selfie and put it on lesbian dating apps to show how ridiculous it all was they were letting men on.

My feelings can change though, I'm not as gracious with men when they slip up because time and time again an "ally" just turns into another scrote. Though it is satisfying to see anyone get a big W like this...I hope it helps him feel at least a little better considering the crap he had to go through with his wife.

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