I'm sure he was not the only person not accepted to a sorority. There were plenty of women who weren't accepted, of course you won't see very many news stories about any of them. But a man not getting accepted is front page news <eyeroll>

Right? This is a huge Greek life school. Tons got rejected (or dropped). It's not even like he was excluded in some unique way.

according to the comments: his GPA was well below the standards set by the sororities, and he had been arrested on drug charges in the past.

No idea where that info came from (or if true). But someone thinks it is

He’d have been rejected with a bad gpa even if he was a woman. The sororities often take that very seriously. A sorority on my campus held the highest GPA for all campus organizations the entire time I was in undergrad. Also, they care a lot about social events and this man would have been a disaster at mixers.

My sorority had a middle of the road GPA and one of the sisters had a GPA of 0.5. I didn't even know that was possible. When I pulled her into a standards meeting, she blew up.

Like, girl, no, you cannot party with us if you're flunking. We love you too much to let you do that.

I think non-grrrk folk don't realize it, but the GPA standards are often 3.2 (for less popular) or 3.5 (for more popular). If a sister later isn't meeting that, she doesn't get to party. She's banned from parties and forced to have supervised study hours in the library. She had to have a tutor sign off any tutoring sessions.

The standards committee basically turns into probation officers.

The GPA is actually required. Why did he even get invited to the first round and why did two sororities accept him into second round? The Office of Greek Life should have screened him prior.

Probably they were afraid not to because he was trans. Then he was no doubt such a personality disaster that they were grateful they had the standards they'd ignored out of fear or virtue signalling to fall back on with the rejection.

I wouldn't be surprised. At this point, most of them are just banking on the fact that they are trans to get them whatever they want because it has mostly worked up til now.

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yes I am sure that was what he anticipated happening. These below-mediocre men are used to being fawned over for every fucking thing and everyone is afraid to tell them, "No," because they always have a meltdown and complain online. Thank heavens the sororities didn't fall for it. I can't believe how OFTEN they can get whatever they want even when they don't meet requirements for something. I half wonder if I should tell my husband to put on lipstick at his next interview for an IT position lmao

I saw a photo of him with two female students, and he is massive compared to them.

He's pretty good at the drag queen style makeup, though. I'll give him that much. lol

I looked up Grant Sikes on Instagram and GOOD. He is a zero-effort man in a dress and looks like a younger Alok Menon. Say NO to these pathetic failed men, they have zero place in womens organizations. Boy bye!!

I googled him for 3 seconds and just the thumbnails from his social media are unbearable to look at, dude does the most annoying ~ohh haaaiiii giiiirl~ face.

He probably already pictured himself as the ~slay queen~ of that sorority. You can tell he would be a narcissistic nightmare to live with.

Imagine coupling a man in a sorority with the fact that those women now have no abortion rights.


And yet I’m sure he was rejected mostly for being a social event nightmare to deal with. So many Greek events end up being pair dates/groups with frats, and what Alabama frat boy wants to be shown his date for the evening is a whole-ass man wearing heels and eyeliner. Grant has no place in the sexual economy that is Greek life. TRAs can scream and die mad but this is reality calling, forcing people to play your language games doesn’t make you a woman.

Oh, god. When you put it like that, it's more important than ever that women have single-sex spaces.

His tiktok is the same (his fake female voice 🤮). Can't imagine why no one would want this creepy skinwalker in their personal living, bathing, and sleeping space.

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Somewhat surprised the AOPs didn't scoop him up if they are like the ones I knew, though lol

By which I just mean they were handmaideny libfems, tended to be a bit nerdy

Why doesn't he start his own sorority just for "transwomen?" Since transwomen are women, it would be exactly the same as all other sororities, right, but also even more special because transwomen are the most women of all?

It would be the perfect solution, like so many other situations where they could just build something for themselves.

But they're socialized male, and likely grew up making "while you're up" requests to female relatives as their asses grew roots into the couch.

It would be the perfect solution, like so many other situations where they could just build something for themselves.

Should be the sensible solution, but look at the cases where TIPs refused a single toilet bathroom with a door you could lock, insisting to use the communal bathrooms for the opposite sex, with judges even ruling in their favor.

"I'm hopeful of a future where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves – everywhere," Sikes continued. "If you are going through a hard time today, remember that life is too short to ponder on the things lost. Choose happiness & always look for the positive things throughout life. Move on. See the good. See the bad. Hope for the best. Brave the worst."

The whole point of a club/sorority is being exclusive to some capacity. Real women get rejected from them all the time. They just don't cry discrimination over it

And in a TikTok, Sikes said, "I'm sad because I wanted to be part of a sisterhood and, more than that, a community."

And a group of college women had the ovarian fortitude to say "NO". Die mad about it, scrote

And in a TikTok, Sikes said, "I'm sad because I'll miss out on all those naked pillow fights" -- fixed that for him.

He strikes me more as a sexually submissive gay man who gets off on getting male attention for his "femininity" while insulting actual women for their bodies, like the wannabe mean girl type.

But maybe I'm wrong, either way, he doesn't belong. At all.


Too bad lesbian bars and clubs aren't sororities, with the right to reject whoever they want with no recourse for the rejects.

I know right. The “lesbian” bar in my city doesn’t have the guts to tell men to go elsewhere. In fact, frats have made it a point to take advantage of steak night at that lesbian bar.

Women get rejected from sororities over the dumbest most superficial reasoning sometimes. It's all about vibes especially at a big D1 sports school. He's living the authentic female experience by not getting the sorority of his choice

Exactly, it's typical male entitlement to think being rejected by sororities is a news-worthy story.

Despite sororities being so not my thing, private clubs can reject anyone for no reason. But the main issue is women have a goddess right to a sex-separated space. Sorority houses are shared living quarters and what is happening is all the women refused to consent to a fucking man in their space. CONSENT is as relevant to sorority women as to any other woman.

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