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He reeks of being one of those predators who joins charitable organizations just to prey on the people those places are designed to offer support to. Yuck.

And he's been put in charge of helping the disabled!

Yeah....methinks he's just looking to work with easy prey

Imagine calling women witches as an insult. 😂

That and people who genuinely require walkers typical don’t JUMP at people, and usually cannot walk backwards

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There is a very important historical misogyny to that term here in Scotland.


How has gender ideology got their hooks so far into the SNP and Scotland? So far we've seen a bloke in a dress running Edinburgh rape crisis center, Free Tampon Boy, the SNP throwing out the lovely Joanna Cherry, the Gender Recognition Reform Bill - I am sure there is more I've forgotten about. But why Scotland?

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There's a few reasons.

One is that we like to see ourselves as more progressive and lefty than the rest of the UK, that has increased in the last few years too. We've just got it wrong about this issue.

What I remember in the younger SNP crowd was a rumour that Sturgeon was transphobic. No idea why, I never got any explanation, it was just sort of accepted as fact by a lot of people. Frustratingly for me as I was already GC and very pro Indy.

I think the higher ups at SNP know they are dependent on the votes of young people so are bringing in these policies to appeal to the terminally online much younger TRAS.

They seem to have forgotten the fact this very loud group is a very tiny group and probably won't fucking vote anyway because young people don't.

As others have said I also think SNP are aware many people will just hold their nose and keep voting for them as a vote for Indy, so they have started to become quite complacent.

We were also an early target for TRA lobby groups as we are a small enough country that ideological capture in institutions happens quickly. For example, Ireland.

Total shitshow.

Thanks for your perspective. You're right about Ireland, my brother lives in Ireland and it's a totally different mindset now from the one my Mum described growing up in. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing other than the gender bollocks. Best of luck with your IndyRef. I imagine the tories have a couple of years left and then hopefully Labour will get in. I am quite sure the Tories will continue to block another IndyRef.

Ugh. The autogynephile pucker...🤮

Apparently, he's lying about being disabled as well. Just look at how he RUNS towards the women to scream in their faces. That walker is clearly a prop.

I'm guessing this asshole will try to get services allocated to the "trans-disabled" like himself (and any actual disabled person will be called a bigot if they object to losing resources because of it)

Is he actually disabled or does he just use a walker, when an ace bandage would do, for an old ‘stepped wrong injury’ ?

Trans identity and fake disabilities go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

There was a TIM profiled years ago who freely admits to being a faker. The article, of course, brought no attention to his faking being a woman. There's another TRA in the UK who's an adult baby who also uses a walker in a similar cavalier fashion. No way is she disabled.

Well "let's hear it for the boy" now holds a very different connotation for me after that thread.

I think activists are hoping that the issue of independence will be so important to many people that they’d be willing to turn a blind eye to the SNP losing its mind. Hence a flurry of craziness. Following the TRA handbook of changing things by stealth and while people are looking elsewhere.

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I have this feeling too. I'm pro-Indy but Nigel and I just cancelled our paying membership.

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