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BOSTON, MA — This week, Boston Children's Hospital made history by throwing the first child off the roof based on the child's "felt need to have their birdhood affirmed." The child is now back in treatment in Boston Children's Hospital for broken bones, but the hospital is standing by its decision to fling the child off the roof to affirm their right to flight.

"Common questions from parents include: ‘Are you sure we should let little Johnny try to fly?' or ‘Could we try from a lower jump point before committing to the 2nd story?' or ‘Where are you taking my child??'" A promotional video posted by Boston Children's Hospital this week features a mild-mannered doctor describing the "species-affirming care" children can receive. "We always give parents the same answer: always affirm your child's felt needs, never correct or counsel them. If they want to fly, don't take their wings!"

Boston Children's Hospital has released several videos with doctors elaborating on the mostly-natural procedures to affirm flight in children, explaining the hospital's careful attention to sufficient height in the buildings they throw the children off, so that flight-attracted children can fully commit to their new lifestyles.

At publishing time, Boston Children's Hospital had expanded its trauma care wing to handle the influx of children with broken legs, spines, and tailbones. Some parents have protested that they were not made fully aware of the potentially irreversible harm of throwing their children off roofs, but these parents have been tagged as "potential threats" by the FBI.

"How was I, a doctor, supposed to know that flinging a 5 year old off the roof of a 5 story building might have long term medical consequences? I need some more data before I can decide if flinging children off of rooftops is dangerous"

And how are we supposed to get more data unless we fling more children off of the roof?

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i mean, superheroes are mostly just trans birds, right?
That's why they alws fly in that weird crucifix position that imitates cis birds, but that clashes with human anatomy (above and beyond the basic clash with being able to fly, lol).

maybe everybody who wanted to ban comic books in the '50's and '60's was onto something

cisbirds, lol

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ahaha right?

actually, if we were to define these things as faithfully as possible to the meanings of the chemical prefixes cis- and trans-, then a cis-bird would have both wings on the same side of its body, whereas a trans-bird would be the kind that can actually fly. 😀

Once you become a figure or ideology to be mocked, you are done.

The perfect article to post to my fb and start another discussion hahahaha I love it

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So funny. The Bee gets it right so often.

This morning the Boston Globe had this article about "right wing" groups protesting Boston Children's Hospital for their "gender care" (a.k.a child abuse). The Globe is captured and only parrots the "trans" narrative.

I am so sick of the "genderists" giving all the credit to the "right wing" in raising these issues of children tagged as having "gender disphoria." This way they think they are dismissing and discrediting everything being said and done to end these harmful practices. No. Those of us protesting come from all beliefs, classes, and political party's.


They just have one joke; it’s true. But it’s a GOOD joke, evidenced by just how far they can stretch it. The left needs to pull it together because the ridiculousness of this is extremely low-hanging fruit for comedy.