TRAs are gonna go have a little cry now lmao

Poor Esqueer. 🎻 "I'm melting, I'm melting, what a cruel, misgendering world...!"



It’s too late though. We’re already booked for @TuckerCarlson on Friday to discuss our suspension (3 times in 2 and a half months now)

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  • sigh * I hate that they are on Tucker Carlson .. he is the worst.

Better to do his show and expose this to more people, than to wait endlessly for left wing media to care about child grooming.

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Okay, well they are fine with being utilized for the purposes of right wing propaganda then. They're either suckers or right wing themselves, either motivation sucks so this group isn't really worthy of any kind of attention

edit: interesting how often anti-right wing/anti-GOP/anti-MAGA are downvoted on this forum. to the folks doing that, please feel free to explain yourselves.

Radical feminists and GC figures have repeatedly gone on right wing media because the left refuses us a platform.

It seems disingenuous to pile on the Gays Against Groomers group for doing the same thing.

They're worried about kids, not whether their political "team" is winning. I (and many others on this forum, I suspect) would do the same in their position.

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I remember in 2016, "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders, was praised for going on Fox News multiple times. He had an agenda that everyone could support, and he was reaching out to the forgotten working class. Nobody was calling him a turncoat, a fool, or a useful idiot to the far-right movement.

Pete Buttigieg goes on Fox all the time. Heck, Jon Stewart went on Fox to plead the case to its viewers to contact their elected officials and demand a vote on the PACT act for 9/11 first responders. Political homelessness is only growing, and once the GOP has rid themselves of the Trump baggage, nomads in the middle aren't going to react so viscerally to the meme notion of "The worst person you know just made a great point." Without Trump on the ballot, Democrats won't have a boogeyman to contrast against and will have to own up to their record that includes butchering kids.

There are different kinds of right wing media and Tucker is some of the worst. No excuse for going on his show

Partnering with the right-wing is never a winning strategy.

If radfems/gc figures are so upset about getting de-platformed by the left, they should make more concerted efforts courting that base instead of running to the right-wing. I'm tired of it and I think it is weak.

This is the kind of logic TRAs use: if women don’t agree that men can turn into women, we must be right wing MAGA bigots, even though most of us are lifelong liberals. This kind of purity test is discouraging to hear. We have to go where we can get the word out, because CNN and The NY Times won’t address any of this. The more the word gets out, the more support we have. The enemy of my enemy, etc

No the logic is that if you go on Tucker, you're teaming with a known bigot that is as much of an enemy as TRAs

Making people aware of what’s going on is more important than which host/show/network is doing it, especially when there are no other choices. We can only use the tools we have available to us. FYI, Kara Dansky has appeared on his show multiple times as well.