People in the first world are raising funds to build single-sex toilets in the third world to give the girls there safety, dignity, and privacy at school so they can avail themselves of an education. At the same time they are taking away the safety, dignity and privacy from girls right here and calling them bigots if they complain. The whole thing is backward.

People in the West seem to think women have gotten too many rights, too much dignity.

we have had equality shoved down our throats so long people think everything really is 50/50 including crime, if you ask the average man or women in the street what the male and female prison populations are they wont have a clue and their guesses would be around 10% or less difference between the two. not 77k for men and 3k for women which is the reality in the UK.

And when faced with facts they just say the judges are biased to give lesser time to women and that cops are manipulated by crying. Its ridiculous

You don't understand. Only gross uncivilized third world men would ever dare assault a woman in a mixed toilet!

Are, they, though?

I am worried that it is pointless to donate to charities now, as pretty much all of them seem to have gone woke. (I used to donate to Plan International. They now say they want to be inclusive of those who "identify as neither male nor female" in their language, and ... well, I do not trust them anymore.)

And I don't want my money to be wasted on building girls' toilets that any boy can identify into at will.

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I would have been absolutely mortified to share a bathroom at school with boys when I was that age. Not just that, but completely uncomfortable too. What do girls do when they have their period? I can't imagine how embarrassing it is for a girl to have to urinate or try to change a bloody tampon with a boy in the next stall or goofing off with his friends at the sink. It's not only unfair to girls, it's stressful and unsafe. Girls need privacy in the bathroom, especially in school.

Edit: Just to add, we didn't have cell phones when I was that age. What's to stop boys from trying to sneak pictures of girls? Either on the toilet or just in the bathroom. That opens up a whole other can of worms. The whole idea is so ridiculous. If I were a parent at that school, I would be speaking up.

at my kids school the boys toilets are full of boys loitering to vape and they threaten to punch him when he goes in (or anyone else) I can well imagine they would do it more in a mixed sex toilet.

I'm so sorry for your son. He shouldn't have to put up with that either.

"Save money"? "Free up space?!" How dare they? How is this legal?

Girls already grow up knowing they're not supposed to take up space. This is obscene.

I remember being in school, many moons ago, and the boys would all mess with each other by looking over the stalls when another was using the toilet. They'd embarrass each other all equally, which was fine I guess, but if the girls had been forced to use the toilets with boys, I'm not sure they would've had the foresight to realize how it would be different and how they mess with each other shouldn't be the same way to mess with the girls. This was 8-10 yr olds.

In high school?? I can't imagine the boys being smarter than what they were as 8-10 yr olds, added with hormones and malice?? It's a recipe for disaster. Boys become unhinged. Together?? They're as volatile as a dog pack. The people making these decisions aren't taking into consideration how badly it would go for the girls.

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That's the thing though. They know how bad this is for girls. They don't care. The obnoxious boy mommies who storm the schools to get dear sonny access to the girls room may not realize the harm that they're doing, but for a lot of them, harm is the intention. In fact, all of this is probably deliberately started by MRA politicians who think girls have too many opportunities and boys have been "left behind."

If only they could have asked a single girl or woman before trying mixed toilets.

I think this is what it is going to take. The teenage girls of today need to say enough is enough. I

am in my 50s and "young woman" call me out for not being "nice". But once these girls see their spots in bathrooms, scholarships, sports etc being taken by these boys they will or should be outraged.

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foster an inclusive environment that welcomes diversity

In what fucking universe does sharing an intimate space with men "foster an enviornment that welcomes diversity"? Absolutely grotesque.

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