I feel like this manager was clearly taking the piss and using this as a golden opportunity to be misogynistic. He knows damn well his coworker isn’t “trans” at all and I doubt he’s some kind of TRA blue-check. This is what happens with self ID, misogynistic men are emboldened to just harass women for no reason.

Am I reading this right? Dude is presenting fully male, his manager even uses male pronouns for him, and the manager, a man, also went into the women’s toilets just to berate her?

He spoke loudly and angrily… he kept saying "he's our cleaner, he’s a woman, he's had full surgery,” to which she responded that the manager was referring to his own staff as a “he,” and that ‘he's still got a penis.”

The pronoun part was amusing. I'm sure the manager didn't mean to use those pronouns, but they came out in the heat of the argument because he wasn't specifically focusing on pronouns.

"he's our cleaner, he’s a woman, he's had full surgery,”

Reminds me of how adoption counsellors will tell you that the cat you are considering is already neutered and has had all of his shots

Kind of like how people revert to their first language when they get angry.

spread the news ladies the Old Dairy Farm Campsite, in Cropredy, UK. does not have female only spaces you would think that would be a pretty big selling point for a campsite.

A VERY big selling point.

If there's no shower facilities where I can take a shower without any men walking in on me, I can camp in the wilderness and shower under a waterfall instead. Probably safer.

I’m planning on going on a long haul road trip at some point and I’ve made it a LITERAL priority that I have my own little bathroom/wet room. I don’t care if campsite showers are “better” I know I’ll be literally safer locked in my van in my shower than using a public space

Fucking hell. Women around the world are being kicked out of female spaces for telling men they shouldn't be in there. I don't know HOW some people are so absolutely dense that they can't see what's going on.

"He's a woman"

You fucking know he's not because when you didn't have the processing resources available to play pronoun games, you accidentally reverted back to reality.

My blood pressure goes up every time I click on this stuff. Time for a break.

Men have more rights to female-only spaces than women do. When women complain that a man is using female-only spaces it is the women who are thrown out or banned and the men who are allowed to remain. When a space goes from being female-only to mixed sex it is the women who lose access to those spaces.

She needs to sue, only way this shit changes is if women give them consequences. All these men are loving this, just further excuse to abuse and harass women. Fucking loser, hope he loses his job, since he has no problem putting women in harm's way.

I just think it’s funny how they made a liar out of their “men to the left, ladies are always right” sign.

How surprising that a place with sexist signs on display would have a sexist staff and sexist managers

Once again, someone's feelings are being put above reality. "You're upsetting my staff member that I am using male pronouns for!" Love this new hellworld we're in. Wtf.

Cropedy Music Festival, UK (Women's communal toilets); Port Townsend YMCA, Washington (Women's pool locker rooms); WiSpa, L.A., California (Women's spa locker rooms); Mich Women's Music Festival, Michigan (the whole fucking thing)...any others?

I'd like to make a list of places where women were made uncomfortable in or even banned from so-called "women's spaces," spaces that had been colonized by narcissistic, misogynist female-identifying males.

The article says the campsite is not connected to the music festival. I guess it is there already and cashes in on festival goers?

That would be great, actually. When I start travelling again, I will want to avoid places like that. I'm sure it would be beneficial to a lot of women.

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