At least anorexics didn't face anorexia affirming care. "You ARE too heavy, let's get you a liposuction before your 12th birthday or you'll have to kill yourself!"

“The more I thought about it, it wasn’t about wanting to be a boy,” she remembers. “I just didn’t like what it meant to be a woman."

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I hate the fact this is in a tabloid because it cheapens the message.

I do, however wonder if Page 3 girls were still around if there would be a trans one.

Many tabloids here have been great about reporting the problems with gender ideology accurately. Daily mail, sun, the mirror have all been straightforward about. Equally the right wing broadsheets have also been much better on this than the left wing TRA ones.

The sorry it’s the daily fail or sorry it’s Tory press etc it what cheapens the message. Disclaimers dismiss the importance of what’s being said, it turns people off from listening.

Just a quick point that The Mirror is actually a left-wing tabloid!

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I didn’t say it was. I said the tabloids have been great and the right wing broadsheets, whereas the left wing broadsheets have been TRAs.

I'm aware the tabloids usually, and unfortunately, lead the pack on these issues and am just bemoaning it. It has always been an unfortunate downfall of leftist publications to not want to be affiliated with anything "on the other side/tabloid" not matter how truthful. It is this need to be "right on".

Eventually, I'm sure, there will be one person who puts their head above the parapet on the left in a vocal way but it is utter shite no one is willing/able to do it now. Or they see what has happened to JKR and stay "safe"

I'm just angry it is tabloids and right wing publications publishing this when in reality so many leftist types are gender critical but are being silenced.

Several people have in the left wing press here now, Hadley Freedman and Sonia Sodha both have written GC columns/articles for left wing press. And a couple of others too I’m sure, but I can’t recall off the top of my head.

It wasn’t tabloids that led GC press here though, it was Janice Turner in the Times who was one of the earliest, firmest and brave GC journos. She won awards for it around 5 ish years ago now also.

If pretty enough and possessed of a boob job, yes I am sure. There was at least one trans Playboy model.

It's literally the new cutting, except now it's being done by surgeons.