I love how someone’s “proof” of a phrase never existing is whether or not it was used on Twitter. This is the downside of children being raised with the internet. Yeah, I know it makes me sound old as fuck, but sometimes I don’t think these kids have ever been to a library!

The world existed before the internet, kids! 🙄

Lmao right? That's why they believe "bad" white people "created" biological sex to oppress trans ppl. I cannot fathom it because I assume they're in school or have gone to school. I just can't lol.

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I would also like to see the search results for the correctly formatted: “sex-based rights” lmao

Same as the whole "put your pronouns in your profile", like, bro, i don't have a "profile" i have actual friends, in the real world lmao

The idiocy of TRAs is nauseating at this point. Ideocracy (the movie) was too kind to Western, well, American political culture. I'd be very embarrassed if this was my child who grew up to be this stupid. Does the Y chromosome compromise rational thinking?

The absence of women's rights and therefore domination of men's rights in law are literally evidence of sex-based rights. US law allowed males to vote, only males. The single greatest legal basis for voting rights was being male, before the law said otherwise. What is said is as important as what is unsaid in law.

This man is a fucking moron.

The right to get an abortion is a sex-based right, to be completely, stupidly obvious.

Let me say it again, this man is a fucking moron.

He was elected? How??? Why???? Seriously, what is going on... How is someone who has so little respect for political, legal, and governmental history holding public office? Oh, wait... We had Trump.

Someone in the thread said men should have a right to an abortion because one day men might be able to give birth. They really love men.

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the phrase 'sex based rights' was invented on Twitter circa 2015 - it isn't a phrase found in any legal textbook or statute.

So shon is a legal scholar?

So this is the ideology cesspool that the rest of you Gyns have to deal with everyday.

This a prime example of them being the Trojan horses of the Patriarichy.

"Sex based rights didn't come into existence until 2015."

."Terfs hate abortion and ridicule rape victims."

"Sex-based rights are a GC dog whistles."

I'm you don't respond to this kind of Transfuckery. But my mind explodes reading this.

If you go down the thread I believe it is OP who says something along the lines of how giving a man a right to an abortion wouldn’t stomp on women’s rights. OKAY.....

According to Gender Ideology, Men do have abortion rights.

In Missouri, whether a women gets pregnant from her rapist, boyfriend or husband, they all have the right to go to court and get injunctions against her being able to get an abortion.

How did women fight for their rights if it wasn't on the basis of their sex...

That's the most basic foundation block of feminism.

I fucking can't with him. He is the person that full on peaked me. And then on top of that one of my MALE friends lectured me about how "Emilia's" win was GOOD for women.

The fact that he wears a dog collar in public should make people run the fuck away from him.

A dog-collar and a boner because he's new at AGP and hasn't learned to tuck yet. Ugh.

How anyone can look at him & not immediately understand that he is a not a woman & that he is taking the fucking piss out of women will always be beyond me.