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Discussion on the IUD in that thread:

'it's a great birth control method but it's also true that most docs are sexist shitty problems and women people who can become pregnant need to compensate for that'

The doctors are sexist, but reducing women to their bodily functions is Just A-Okay, Amirite ladies fellow birthing bodies?

"birth control ads make me dysphoric as a trans guy"

Well that sounds like a you problem, and not an 'everyone else' problem... She understands that the ad is relevant to her because she's female enough for it to make her uncomfortable, but instead of overcoming her own problems associating femininity with womanhood, she expects the whole world to create an advert especially for women who hate themselves and all other women.

"I'm the transfemme partner in a lesbian relationship."

Bro, dude, just admit you're a man, man. If you weren't a man, you wouldn't be able to get your poor straight/bi girlfriend pregnant, my guy, my fellow, my chap.

Argh. I'm going to stop reading that now, it's making me irate over all the 'what about me, the most important person in any and every room?!'-ism.