Posting this here for anyone new to Dr. Em: https://uncommongroundmedia.com/the-trojan-unicorn-queer-theory-and-paedophilia-part-i-dr-em/

(Yes, pedo apologia is baked into Postmodernism and Queer Theory, and initiatives like "Virtuous Pedophiles" are part of the latest push to destigmatize it.)

There's a full-court press in some circles to normalize pedophilia. We're moving toward this becoming a wider normalization, and it's going to get ugly. We know that the right will use this to bludgeon the left as degenerate, but the left will poo poo it as a "right wing conspiracy." Meanwhile, children and women will be caught in the middle. Cailin is right; the left will call any woman who sounds the alarm as a bigoted religious nut and/or a TERF. I'm so ashamed of what the left (globally speaking) has become. I can't believe we're here in 2022.

It's a man's world and they got really spooked by #metoo. Some seriously sacred cows fell like Weinstein and Spacey. The men in charge weren't about to have that happen anymore. So the new sacred caste are TRAs/pedophiles. And they'll hide behind the shield of alphabet soup oppression so that anyone who dares speak out about it is branded a bigot. Including even LGB people themselves.

I have a horrible suspicion that a lot of the financial backing and organisation behind the trans rights movements came from pedos.

There's one quite big pro trans organisation that mentioned not stigmatizing children's sexual behaviour...

They glommed onto the gay rights movement too. The far left has a habit of supporting pedos because so many of their philosophers supported it (because children have the right to consent to sex... Foucault was a known pedo.


It would not be surprising to discover that these people had a vested interest in attacking women and trying to paint us as hysterical or TERFs to try to delegitimise us because we see right through this BS.

Take away our spaces, remove our areas where we are safe with our children. Encourage the public to view our concerns as extremist, far-fetched, unlikely and hateful.

This article honestly is quite scary.

Someone had posted a video, I can't remember who or what it was called, where the speaker talks about normalizing pedophilia as being the ultimate goal of "queer theory." I had said it here myself that the TRA movement is just NAMBLA with academic credentials and it looks like that's exactly what it is.

I almost think QAnon was/is an op for the same reason. Find some bunch of gullible and mentally unstable people to spout off nonsense like JFK Jr. is still alive or Trump won the election, to discredit the actual pro-pedophilia movement being pushed by ostensible "liberals". Then deflect by pointing to the worst examples of predatory scum who the right has refused to do anything about (like Matt Gaetz or Gym Jordan), or laws in red states that permit child marriage with parental consent for "Christian" reasons, and then go on unscathed getting the "groomer" accusation to be rebranded a hate crime.

They're coming for our kids.

Yep, exactly. There are some scary powerful people behind this. It’s worth noting that while the public was getting their 2-minutes-hate during the Depp/Heard court case, Ghislaine Maxwell’s produced barely a peep.

I wonder if the hysteria in the 1980s about mass Satanic ritual abuse taking place in daycares was an op. In the late 1970s, that's when feminists first really started writing about incest, which led to people finally realizing (or admitting what they already knew/suspected) that incest was unfortunately not as rare as official estimates said.

Diane Ehrensaft was behind that and is a major player in the TRA plague.

"Mass satanic ritual abuse" was also a theme of QAnon/Pizzagate, so some of the pieces seem to be fitting together.

I almost put in the last sentence of what I posted here: "it's all going to plan." This is the end goal of gender ideology. Break down every boundary and barrier so kids are left defenseless and everyone has been gaslit into thinking it's normal.

Edit to add: my autocorrect changed plan to "an."

One submission published to the ‘MAP blog’ is by Rede. In March 2020, Rede wrote a blog post titled “We Have to Protect Children – Including the Ones Who Are Pedophiles.” Disturbingly, Rede refers to “child pedophiles” and “minor pedophiles,” and asks, “In our eagerness to prevent the abuse of children, what if there is one group of children we are overlooking?”

What? Okay, since "minor" can mean, say, a 16, 17, or 18 year old, I suppose I can see how "minor pedophile" might make sense, although I would definitely change it to make it clear that minor here is referring to someone older than a child but not yet a legal adult, and also not minor as in the opposite of major. But as for "child pedophile," does that even make sense? Is that something that happens? (Or is this the result of defining "pedophile" so broadly that it would include kids attracted to kids their own age, such as a 12 year old attracted to another 12 year old?)

Peer on peer child sexual abuse is definitely a thing. I don’t think a ten year old abusing a six year old would usually be classed as a paedophile though.

When that happens its usually because an adult molested the kid and then the kid molest another kid. It is molestation but neither kid is the villain.

Dual status does not reduce the harm caused to the victim nor does it mean the abuser should not be accountable for their actions.

Many adult paedophiles were abused as children. They are still offenders who deserve punishment. Many violent men were treated with violence growing, they don’t get to play the victim card when they break somebody’s bones.

It’s actually damaging to abuse survivors to equate them with perpetrators. As we all know, most offenders are male, most victims are female. If abuse was the defining factor, the world would be awash with female perpetrators of sexual abuse. The majority of victims do not go on to harm others.

By the way, the NBC reporter who ran interference for the butchers at Boston Children's wrote an article describing a pedophile who killed himself after being caught on camera by one of those digital vigilante groups, as a "victim". He was going to find a 14, 15-year-old boy, but he's the victim? NBC is groomer media.


Why the fuck is that article so sympathetic. Just because he's a black Jamaican gay man that means we should ignore the fact that he went there because he thought he was meeting an underaged boy? He's what many would see as "triple oppressed"-- so means let him do whatever? This article is weird as hell.

IIRC NBC cancelled the Chris Hansen program after some of the subjects committed suicide. All of a sudden there was an outpouring of sympathy (and I think a lawsuit the network had to settle). The argument being that pedo stings were "a step too far".

Result: "Virtuous pedophiles" gaining traction as another "oppressed" group. Twitter needs to take that shit account down.

The cops are responsible. It's right there out in the open and they do nothing. Twitter and local police have the suffering of children on their hands, they can all rot in hell.

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Today I learned Benjamin Britten was a pedo. Are there any men of accomplishment who also had sexual morals or is it just too much to ask