If only that would work. I think they'd just pat themselves on the back for ridding the school of a "bigot."

I want to find others in the program who are not okay with this, but it's hard. Everyone accepts the woke dogma either because they don't bother thinking too deeply about it or because they're afraid of the repercussions of going against the grain. It's tough to separate who's in which category.

What an added stress it must be to have to silently endure this indoctrination. In regards to finding like-minded souls perhaps approach the prof (s) who use "women and birthing persons" and tell them that you appreciate how truly inclusive they are for including the word "women".

The professor who teaches that class happens to be my faculty advisor. She made it clear where she stood when we met to introduce ourselves before the semester started.

All students had to answer a get to know you survey, and one of the demographic questions was about gender identity (with a ridiculously long list of options, of course). I answered "other" and wrote in "gender identity shouldn't replace sex". When she and I met a couple weeks later, all was well until the end of the meeting when she out of nowhere said, "by the way, I have lots of non-binary friends" and told me that it's okay to debate policy but not people. Whatever the fuck that means.

It felt like a warning shot, and now I understand why so many people are afraid to speak up. I kinda am, too, because I don't want to be passed over for opportunities because the people in power don't like my politics.