I'd love to see the opinions of members here who are in European universities.

Shit is truly craycray in US universities. I just started grad school after working several years, and the wokeness is over the top. Our professors have explicitly said that we're going to focus on using critical race theory and queer theory as lenses for the health field that we're studying. In two different classes, professors also sent out email telling students it's okay to skip class next week because we'll be covering "triggering" topics. Each class has insisted we introduce ourselves by stating our names and pronouns... I've been relieved that at least when talking about maternity the preferred language is "women and birthing persons" instead of just "birthing persons".

And this is at a school that is literally the very top in its area of study. One of the faculty mentioned that they changed the curriculum to be more inclusive after getting feedback from students even though some faculty were reluctant, and I think that's ridiculous. YOU are the experts, not these delicate little children telling you how to teach!! How the fuck can these faculty honestly say that they're preparing students for going out in the real world?

We're already seeing the consequences of academia taking this hard left turn, as more and more people don't trust science anymore. And, frankly, they're right to be skeptical.

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European here. It's worse in non-STEM fields for sure. Pedagogy, teaching and art have had it bad for years. But now the "queer" student representatives (despite queer never having been a slur here) are pushing pronouns and all-gender bathrooms. Funny how the aforementioned "queer, lgbt and women" focused representatives focus exclusively on pronouns and trans bullshit.