Why are we letting violent criminals and mentally ill predators dictate how our society is run? This is so fucking insane. You don't get to harm other people and break the law because you are "dysphoric."

[–] assignedpooratbirth trans-wealthy 23 points

But more recently, Burke said he began to feel as though he “had the balls to become a woman.”

Balls to become a woman or balls to assault them? Sometimes I read articles like this and wonder if I’m just reading really, really dark satire.

I just don't know how many of these instances we're going to have to bear before authorities in Canada and the US get a fucking clue. Probably decades' worth.

The criminal justice system never really protected women and children to begin with. Now the system completely off the rails, especially in Canada. It's moments like this that make me repeak all over again, and people are falling for this complete psycho's manipulative sob story of "gender dysphoria." Everyone that goes along with his BS needs to be in jail along with him.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 13 points

Another sexual crime that could have been prevented by taking the convicted out behind the chemical shed, but he was released to the public to terrorize more women. Added bonus now he can terrorize women who are in prison.

Love his scrapbook of photos for "the woman he would like to become." Totally not a fetish, right.

Huh. It's almost like the movement is a natural fit for con artists and grifters and those who can't accept material reality.

If we must go along with this obvious farce can we please at least go all the way and get these people free re-assignment surgery and all the oestrogen ASAP. May as well get some benefit to this madness.