If people advocate for something, they need to see it with their own eyes. Words like “gender-affirming care” or “trans rights are human rights” just don’t convey the simple truth of a scarred red arm, which flesh was stripped off to construct a sickly fake penis.

I hereby suggest we just do this from now on. A pic is worth 1000 words.

Let’s see them try to defend this. There is no verbal argument that can win against a graphic that seems like Al Qaeda tortured a girl.

I haven’t even seen a pic like that till I dived deep into TERF realms. This needs to be much more public.

If people advocate for something, they need to see it with their own eyes. Words like “gender-affirming care” or “trans rights are human rights” just don’t convey the simple truth of a scarred red arm, which flesh was stripped off to construct a sickly fake penis. I hereby suggest we just do this from now on. A pic is worth 1000 words. Let’s see them try to defend this. There is no verbal argument that can win against a graphic that seems like Al Qaeda tortured a girl. I haven’t even seen a pic like that till I dived deep into TERF realms. This needs to be much more public.


It's crazy to me that there's people out there with only one hand, or no hands, or hands that don't work well or at all because of various reasons and meanwhile TIFs are destroying their arms and legs to build a freakish, uncanny flesh burrito that is a gentle breeze away from falling off and regularly tries to kill them. TIFs often don't regain full movement in that arm after desleeving the damn thing.

Oh I didn’t know they lose arm mobility either tbh - so it’s not just cosmetic damage, it’s worse.

I'm not sure about mobility but there are definitely effects on nerves/sensation in that arm. couple of sources on that (1) (2)

Didn’t the woman whose name was Kelly who now goes by Scott develop serious mobility issues because they skinned her arm right down over the knob of bone on the outside of the wrist?

I have seen one video in which the woman who had had the op said that as the sleeve was taken off quite far down the arm to near the wrist, scar tissue formed in healing and restricted the movement there. I am sorry I don't remember who it was, though.

I wouldn’t post graphic pictures, but can say from personal experience that it was useful when I was much younger and puzzling over what so-called “sex reassignment surgery” was for women to read that no, you don’t get a dick that works and what you do get is a huge amount of skin taken off your arm that may not ever grow back properly. I was pretty young, but have never forgotten my reaction, which was, “Wait, you go through all this stupid surgery and don’t even get a working dick out of it? Who are they trying to kid?” and that was it for me on giving any consideration to that idea.

I remember watching a vid where because the urethra has been falsely lengthened, they couldn't empty their bladder all the way and had to "milk" the remaining urine out of the pseudophallo otherwise it would drip everywhere because there were no working muscles to close off the stream once it had left the natural urethra

Noooooooo that seems like you’d have a permanent UTI that just rotted you from the inside eventually 🤢

Wow, that would hopefully put anybody off. I never watched any videos, my youth was pre-youtube. Even now I don’t watch that type of video, my nightmares don’t need further inspiration!

I just don't see the difference between choosing this and self harm.

For something less graphic, you could post a pic/diagram of a the phalloplasty implant mechanism used to make the thing 'inflate'.

Years ago when I still had cable and a terrible bout of insomnia, I saw an infomercial all about those things. Back then because viagra wasn't a thing yet, they were directed at men with "erectile dysfunction." The guy who explained how it all worked had vividly white hair and this permanently brick red face, looked like he was going to keel over any time with high blood pressure.

The gender fragiles on Preddit are already whining about this post. What they don't realize is they're only hurting themselves with these hackjob surgeries. For hating women so much, they sure seem to spend a lot of time on this site. https://archive.ph/2oUOQ

lol the logic of “AlL SuRgErIeS Do ThiS”.

Actually…they don’t. People are talking about basic stuff like appendix surgery where you would never know except for maybe a small scar— your life would not be changed for the WORSE. That’s the point of these surgeries. Yes all surgery is “mutilation” but the legitimate ones mutilate you in order to provide your failing body with superior functioning than it would have had otherwise— there are no dick-sized gapes in your arm, or rotting crevices inside your pelvis, and you won’t be left with urinary troubles or the inability to orgasm ever again.

Name another surgery that does that to you….


It’s so absurd to me that they’re comparing it to heart surgery. You have to undergo heart surgery to not die. You don’t have to get the skin stripped off your arm. And being overly dramatic and threatening suicide if you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean it’s a “life-saving” treatment.

The people in those comments love to ignore the elephant in the room so fucking bad. Of course they're all saying it's "just the same" as any other surgery. They seriously have no problems saying their hackjob cosmetic surgeries that have tons of complications all for NOTHING (no, it's not like a knee replacement, which actually does something for the patient).

Yep. I say let them defend the surgeries all they want. They can roll up their skin in any manner they want, but they still can't change their sex. That's just not possible. They're lying to themselves and they're hurting themselves. They can't say people didn't warn them.

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It seems like gender specials would want to be cynical about gender though, right?

Nah, the entire ideology’s foundation is self-Id and blind affirmation. They do very little critical thinking about gender ideology and how they’re harming themselves with it.

I decided to actually make another reddit account for browsing and making subtle just innocent comments to challenge this BS maybe just enough to not be blocked but add some common sense to the content people are reading on there…I got blocked the first day, from a celebrity gossip subreddit (?!?).

I don’t know how I ended up on that subreddit but I saw a post about JKR that took me there. Someone commented saying they didn’t even know what she did and asked for details. Someone replied with a list and one of the points was that “she tweeted support for a woman who got fired for saying she refused to respect people’s pronouns”. I responded SOLELY with a quotation of one of Forstater’s tweets and said “This is what she said, she didn’t go into pronouns at all— she got fired for claiming that you can’t change your sex. Think what you will about that but it’s more complex than “mean lady won’t use correct pronouns”. Literally within an hour or so I got a message saying they were locking my thread and blocking me from the subreddit with a message that said “we encourage you to read the rules on transphobia”.

So…if THAT is transphobia, just correcting someone on the facts of a legal dispute with an actual quote from the content of the issue, and pointing out their characterization of the “crime” is wrong = harmful horrible bigoted content there is no hope for these social media sites being worth two dog turds if you actually want real information.

PICTURES yes may be more effective but I imagine they’d be deleted immediately as well.

Any comment or question that is not 100% in line with the trans catechism marks you as an outsider; being an outsider de facto makes you transphobic. I don't think it's possible to make subtle comments that challenge the BS.

Yeah I just like to know the particular contexts and branches extending from a hot topic and want to be told straight about what was really said or what really happened, but silly me for thinking just correcting someone on that false accusation was acceptable.

Pics of neovaginas should do the trick as well. Honestly, I don't understand how bottom surgery is legal. It's mutilation. They take perfectly functional (well, HRT does damage genitals as well so maybe not that perfectly) set of genitals and turn them into freaky eldritch abominations that, at best, barely function and at worst, cause active pain and harm to the person they're attached to. I think the worst part is how bottom surgery is sold, "oh the results will be indistinguishable from the real deal!" Like no. That is a blatant lie. It's mutilation sold on lies, I don't understand how doctors and surgeons who provide these services sleep at night. It's simply unethical.

The irony is that it validates Freud's assertion that women suffer from “penis envy”. I'm sure males enjoy it and approve when a woman is willing to sacrifice some part of her body to acquire a pretend penis.

Software developer here. Can happen. But we need to discuss the details. I am all for confronting people with arguments and evidence, but visually unbearable contents are neither appropriate nor possible to use under Twitter's terms of service.

Does this compare in any way to anti abortion tactics of showing dead fetuses to women who are trying to get abortions? One point of difference is the woman doesn’t have to live permanently with the sight of the dead fetus, while after an arm mutilating surgery, that becomes your reality forever. Can anyone think of any other points?

Any bodily fluids or parts are often very graphic. I bet you can take pictures of removed tonsils and make it look like a horror movie. But you remove them and they’re gone, you don’t have to live with them and actively cover them up every day of your life.

I think the ultimate argument that liberals would use would be a choice one - “it was their choice” etc. But there’s plenty of things we don’t allow in society even if you fully consent to them - you can’t work for less than minimum wage, you can’t pay a hit man to kill you. And we disallow these things for good reasons: not everyone has a sound mind and judgement, not every transaction between two humans takes place in a situation where both have an equal standing etc.

You can't go to a doctor and have them cut your arm off for non-medical reasons, because that would be a clear sign of mental disorder and inability to think clearly. But you can have them remove a large chunk of your arm and stick it on your genitals?

I have heard some things about the dead-fetus tactic not being 100% honest, like maybe the fetuses in the photos didn't come from an elective abortion or might in fact be fake? I've never boned up on the particulars, but that would be textbook for the anti-abortion movement. One wonders why they feel the need to lie if it's so obvious that abortion is "murder."

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The vast majority of these photos are selfies, posted on Insta or Reddit, or another forum. I saw a flayed arm post on a public Insta account. These aren't being stolen from hacked phones. You can't post your mutilation photos publicly and then be sad because someone re-posts it somewhere else.

Normies need to know what "gender affirming care" means.

Just talking about it makes me squirm, and I heard about it for the first time a number of years ago. So if it still makes me uncomfortable, it’ll make others uncomfortable, too.

I'm not sure about this one, the TRAs I know would reply with "that's one more reason to advance trans rights so that they can have access to better solutions" aka artificial skin or silicone or whatever. It might work with people on the fence though.

The only way to (maybe) improve these surgeries is experimenting on more helpless victims, which is highly unethical. And I’m not convinced that medical science is as capable as some people blindly believe. We can’t turn women into men and we probably never will.

I haven’t even seen a pic like that till I dived deep into TERF realms. This needs to be much more public.

My first intro to trans was back in the early ought's when a couple of my friends decided to transition. At that point there was no trans propaganda on the internet, the only things to find were pics of scary genital mutilations on the dark web. Beyond that I knew it involved taking hormones. It ranked up there with the rest of the inexplicable shit that people were doing and documenting on the internet. There was no question that there really was no changing gender like the TRA's would have vulnerable young gay kids believe. I know a lot of trans-women will never transition fully because they've seen all those pics too, and it's wild that the trans agenda is so unquestionably acceptable to some really huge health care institutions.