I think the apple pie analogy is on point, because I’m guessing that if ‘Kay’ is really into coercing women, the woman who grey-rocks him so thoroughly without even seeming to realize she’s doing it must be driving him crazy.

If this types weren’t so grotesque and potentially threatening, it would be amusing if a woman tried to out-crazy them: the class AGP gloms on to you? Become ‘best friends.’ Call him for a ride at three am drunk and needing a way home (then barf in his car.) Obsessively turn any meet-ups into self-serving things for you: invite him for a drink at your place only to join you in de-grouting tile. Suggest browsing a garden center so you can ask him to move 50 lb bags of mulch. Whatever he wants to talk about, immediately turn the conversation back to your own bugaboos: the decade long feud with a sibling, the frenemy at work who stresses you out, your own neuroses about how you look, the subject doesn’t really matter just pay absolutely no attention to what he wants to discuss and bang on endlessly about your own grievances. Etc.

I am concerned for her, because this guy is escalating and her lack of awareness could get her into more danger, but it’s also fascinating that she’s unwittingly providing a masterclass in how not to play along with the AGP delusions.

In typical male form, he is using a lot of feigned incompetence to get close to someone he perceives as a challenge, but she is not having it and it's just eating up his precious little ego.