That entire reply was brimming with the obvious expectation and hope that this woman would give her stalker a chance. Every line was just laden with hint hint, you're supposed to reciprocate and tell Kay what a beautiful womanly flower she is and also let her paw at you however she wants. The complete disregard for OP's feelings--which she could not possibly have stated more clearly throughout the entire post; she does not like this man and has not the slightest drop of attraction or interest in him--was almost laughable, it was so audacious.

"So you keep rejecting Kay - either on purpose, or inadvertently. She’s craving the attention you’re not giving." This poor, dear, neglected TIM, just trying to express his ~love language~ with touch because the woman he wants is like an apple pie that his mean nasty mother told him he couldn't eat, is craving attention that OP refuses to give--perhaps inadvertently, the commenter wonders? Surely, even if she has somehow been ignorant enough not to realize she has been neglecting her TIM-validation duties, she wouldn't dream of refusing if she only knew that this fragile flower was pining for her?

Of course not. This must all just have been a terrible misunderstanding. Everything has been straightened out now, so naturally the sucking of the ladydique will commence forthwith.