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Ugh, so many of those comments are infuriating.

"A genderspecial male is stalking you, touching you against your will and has followed you into the woods, then got angry when you noticed. Just sit him down and nicely tell him to leave you alone because it must've all been one big misunderstanding, that should do the trick!"

TIMs seriously can't deal with any woman not worshipping them for five seconds.

I bet that TiM is fuming on the inside, too, she can't be worn like a skin suit and doesn't validate him with compliments or "lesbian" sex, the nerve!

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The way this TIM won't leave this poor woman alone is not right but I got to say this story is pretty funny. I'm dying laughing where she's like, I like kayaking and gardening, I don't like festivals. She's completely mentally untouched by all the typical trans cult mind games and guilt trips.

She's completely mentally untouched by all the typical trans cult mind games and guilt trips.

God i wish i was her

My reaction too. Good for her (but, I hope she's ok.)

My favourite bit was him asking if any of the men would find him hot and her saying "maybe, beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Just ... masterful refusal to pander to his naked attempt to draw flattery.

Oh yes that's hilarious too because she was so matter of fact. And when the TIM tried to fish for validation and compliment by pulling the self-pity stunt, she was just like, "okay".

This is just another example oh how trans women are just men. He's stalking her and harassing her. When people shut you down and tell you they're uninterested, believe them.

Minutes ago, a commenter wrote:

"The trans aspect seems shoehorned into this post in order to fit an agenda, it truly adds nothing to the post."


That commenter did not read the post. It is clearly important since the TIM keeps demanding validation.

How much danger the OP is in would not at all come through if she hadn't mentioned that "Kay" is actually a man.

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She needs to go to the police and:

  1. Give them a copy of a written log of every single encounter with "Kay". If she hasn't been keeping one she needs to start compiling that now, while it is all fresh in her memory, and add to it with each encounter. Just a straightforward log with what "Kay" says and does and the circumstances and any reliable witnesses.

  2. Let the police know "Kay" continues to seek her out despite being asked not to and she wants to get Kay's behavior on record on case something happens to her (the woman being stalked).

  3. Ask very dispassionately what the criteria are for requesting an Order of Protection or Restraining Order if that should become necessary.

All of that puts "Kay" on the police radar and forces the police to consider it an official complaint. And if multiple women do this it becones clear that this is not just one woman "blowing things out of proportion". After a few more women go to the police with the same complaints then "Kay" becomes a person of interest as a likely sex offender (which all "trans" males are anyway) when a woman is sexually violated.

Ugh creepy incel. She needs to report him, although I doubt it will do much good considering his priest class status. At least if he does something to her there would be a paper trial of her complaint :/

Literally typical male predatory incel behaviour. And yet in the comments they are saying this 'Kay' basically just has a harmless crush

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