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Wow never knew about this woman, this is incredible. She is so clear. Is she still active?

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I just realized i haven't heard from penny in a long time, I used to really like her videos

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"It never occurred to me that transwomen, some, think that they are female."

Something I have never understood is the contrast between that statement, and what it actually means to be "inclusive" and "accepting" of transgenderism. The actual, real world consequences of including transwomen under the umbrella of "she".

Why can't people understand that if you're going to call a man she, you have to commit to accepting that he really is the same as a female? So of course, he deserves access to female spaces. He deserves to have his old name scrubbed from history, and be recorded in female data. He deserves a voice when it comes to female issues.

You want to be 'nice', because he's 'trying so hard' to look female? Ok, so validate him, or don't. Accept him as a woman, or don't. Those are mutually exclusive choices. You can't fence sit.

"I thought that was common sense."

Of course it isn't. A man acting with common sense retains his male name, and accepts the male pronouns. He doesn't hide is real identity, he wears feminine clothing and makeup out in the open. He understands that doing so does not make him less of a man, and he doesn't desire to become a "lessor" man (woman) and give up his claim to masculinity so that he can be "his true self" (which is less than a man; a woman!).

The entire premise of being a transwoman is to denounce reality. In fact, transwomen are crossdressing men. Get rid of "gender", get rid of the useless "trans" identity, and recognize there is a spectrum of feminine & masculine men and women.

She also says it's not fair to judge the entire community of transwomen as perverted, "crossdressing male creeps". But again... there is a massive difference between men who want to "be" women, and men who want to participate in traditionally female activities ("feminine" hobbies, being pretty & wearing makeup and long hair...). Why is no one talking about that? Why isn't anyone stating the obvious: that transwomen should be accepted as feminine men? Like, even if you're dysphoric, why is treatment not focused on accepting your true self (feminine male), and instead focused on denying reality (everyone will pretend you're a female)?

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Hard disagree. I think someone can be accepted as a transwoman while acknowledging they’re not biologically female and have the law reflect that. They don’t want to do “feminine activities” they have dysphoria which tells them they’re women and they can’t change that.

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What does it mean, to be accepted as a transwoman? What is a transwoman, if not a man?