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I really don't see this epidemic of TIMs being murdered by men? Near as I can tell, most men are scared of them and that's why "cis" men are super happy to let them be womens' problem.

This means we know who the weapons are meant to "protect" against...

I came here to say this. They are not getting murdered at the rate they say they are. I remember seeing a TiM talking about the many, many murders that are happening daily. Like what?? I couldn’t say for sure - but I am pretty sure there have been none in my country.

Where are they getting their statistics?! I’ve just done a quick Google search:

Forbes put the number at 375 in 2021 - 70% of those were in Central and South America. And according to the article, that was the deadliest year so far. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiewareham/2021/11/11/375-transgender-people-murdered-in-2021-deadliest-year-since-records-began/?sh=42652ffc321c

To put this into context, 137 women are killed each day by a partner or a family member. https://www.womensaid.ie/about/campaigns/femicide-in-ireland.html I cannot even find a number for total murders of women for 2021 and that doesn’t surprise me - how many are missing women or not registered as death by homicide.

Looking these numbers up has really angered me because it’s made me realise how TRAs are not letting us talk about ourselves. They are not letting women speak about what and who is hurting us. Every time we do speak, they throw their toys out of the pram and shut us down for not centring them

Most trans murders, in large part, are not even hate crimes. Most of the murders were committed by intimate partners. Some murders had nothing to do with being trans, like one TIM being killed in the Dayton bar mass shooting in 2019. Other deaths have included: being hit by a drunk driver when crossing the street and falling down stairs. So TRAs count ANY death as a murder/hate crime. About 50-55 trans’ deaths happen each year. Considering that there are approximately 1.4 million trans people in the U.S., their murder rate is quite low.