Why would any parent ever trust a TIM with their child? It boggles the mind.

Women enable abusers to access children all the time. They are often covert abusers themselves, not victims. The children are the victims. Now watch me get downvoted for saying it.

His granddaughter will only be 14 when he is out. And he will re-offend. This is insane.

The poor girl said "it hurt" so does that mean he raped his 9-year-old granddaughter with his penis and only got 5 years!? Even on top of assaulting a 10yo girl and possessing child sex abuse material, only 5 years for all this?

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WTF? I didn't even know they ALREADY let men into women's wards and women's prisons in Germany, even before their stupid self-ID shit goes through. That's so messed up.

They're offering the most vulnerable women to rapists on a silver platter.

Everyone who supports this is a bad, bad person, hardly fit to be called human, and should be VERY ashamed of themselves.

Maybe I should, but I don’t understand the depth of both men’s and, sadly, women’s hatred towards the female sex. EVERYTHING is done for the comfort of men—god forbid should his feelings get hurt. Our feelings don’t count. I suppose people can’t find any empathy for vulnerable women when they are in prison. But then again, there is no empathy for any woman or girl. Definitely not when an ugly man in a dress is involved. And first-world countries are supposed to be “advanced” when it comes to human rights.

I'm so angry about this and everyone enabling it is a covert abuser. This is just an agenda to allow abusive men to continue to abuse while they are incarcerated.

The FIRST "right" prisoners should be stripped of (which shouldn't be a right anyways) is their "preferred gender". You go to the prison of your sex, END OF STORY. Especially for DISGUSTING PEDOFILIC RAPISTS.