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Hey Google Docs is sometimes used to doxx people, so if you click on the link, make sure you're logged out of your google account, even if you're using an incognito window.

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That is terrifying, thanks for the warning. I might just start using a different browser for my terfery at this point

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Use a different browser and also make sure the device you're on is logged out. Ex. I use duck duck go and I log my phone out of Google.

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This might be worth hosting on a website somewhere -- just to echo the other commenters, but I will literally never click on a Google Docs link like this, even if I want to see the info. The doxxing potential is too high, and Google keeps us logged in through so many different apps these days. It's hard to be sure you're 100% logged out of everything that uses your Google credentials.

I've seen this floating around Twitter, sorry if it has already been posted here.