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Politically homeless. I'm a leftist, who supports a strong social safety net and regulating capitalists and protecting the environment and women and children. Frustrated with the Dems, and disillusioned with DSA (Dem Socialists of America) and other formerly leftist orgs for selling out to gender capitalism.

On anther post, a woman said I sounded like a real progressive, not the performative kind. Call me an old fashioned progressive who wants universal health care and some actual regulation on capitalism.

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Politically homeless, moderate, but more left/classical liberal...at least what used to be called liberal in the 90's... Most liberals today would call me a conservative...most conservatives today would call me a liberal, so I don't really know anymore...

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I consider myself politically homeless first and foremost, but I am more left/liberal-leaning ideologically.


These days I'm very much politically homeless, given the US's extremist environment. Moderation and common sense are a thing of the past.

“Liberal” doesn’t work in opposition to “conservative” outside the US.

Personally I call myself a leftist, but to me that’s about economic policy, not social.

I’d say I’m a ‘traditional bleeding heart liberal’ of the US variety. Or a center left moderate with a focus on working class issues.

While homo sapiens are sexually-dimorphic, and we can easily be divided into one of two binary sex-classes, our political perspective are far more complex. I can honestly say I do not identify with either of your narrowly framed choices. I do identify as Green, as still loyal to the values on which the US Green Party was founded; albeit not the liberal and misogynist perversion of its former self which it has become (in this nation and in others). I invite any who are feeling politically homeless and ready to come in out of the cold, to find a new political vehicle with which to work, to please check out the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights. We'd love to work with you.

I couldn't identify as either liberal or conservative. Im extremely left wing, but not really liberal at all.

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