It needs to be illegal for people with criminal records for violent/sexual crimes to change their identities.

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Received nine years with a history of two prior sexual assaults on young boys.

The 9 years was for grabbing an 11-year-old by boy walking home in 2013:

Tait grabbed the 11-year-old victim from behind, put his hands in the victim’s tracksuit bottoms, and inserted two fingers into the child’s anus. The victim managed to break free after hitting Tait in the face.

The judge was SO horrified, he said this and then gave him only 9-years in prison:

During his trial, the presiding Judge called Tait “disturbed” and stated his crime had been “one of the most horrible I have had to deal with in the course of almost 20 years of sitting here.”

Now, pervert is out, in woman-face.

He will do it again.

I think this is a “This never happens” post…

Is this the man that assaulted a 3 year old girl multiple times before killing her- who got into a women's prison, the man that raped and impregnated multiple women in his women's prison, or yet another new predator abusing the broken system? I'm losing track of these creeps and the lack of outrage that follows. He surely knows that masquerading as a woman will give him easier access to his future victims.