failed fart porn actor

What a phrase. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I suspect the swatting will turn out to be instigated by Keffals themselves.

Some sleuths also began assessing Sorrenti’s Twitter followers, and discovered he had been mutuals with a very small account which posting fantasy child sexual abuse material, and also argued that sexual contact between adults and children needed to be “deproblematized.”

What a shock, another TIM TRA doing shady shit involving pedos and kids. Anyone else notice the lack of TERFs doing this?

Reduxx did a good job on this piece. I hope their audience grows.

The TIM quoted in the article continuously refers to it as an 'LGBT' problem, so he's still hiding behind the LGB.

I was disgusted, but entirely unsurprised, to see that Metafilter had a post defending this shit. And when some brave soul called out the whole giving bathtub estrogen to minors bit, that user was hounded out of the thread for being twansphobic.

I watched that place get taken over, quite literally, by TRAs and woke regressives a few years ago. I suspect a large number of users were driven out or abandoned it in disgust. It was never perfect but it used to be an interesting and thoughtful site. Now it’s completely insufferable.