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If they properly met the straight AGPs they'll change their minds. I like to think. Oh no. Wait. Kink.

Actually had a semi reasonable convo with one yesterday. Possibly because they were not exactly bright enough to get indoctrinated to the shouty level. Big old streak of men who don't fit into the masculine stereotypes do retreat into 'femaleness'. Well. The male idea of that which seems to be thinking life is on easy mode.

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Creepy TIMs seem to be better behaved around men... And when they insult us in public men tend to think "she but she was being mean to 'her' by denying 'her' 'her' right to exist" or whatever. Apparently many of them are great at making themselves cry when they don't get their way.

I remember reading from a trans widow how her TIM husband would always start crying with his lips shaking when she would "misgender" him, which would cause their (female, goddamit) therapist to scold her and get her to apologize.

[–] llkit 3 points (+3|-0)

Deffo a huge steak of victimhood. Saw that with my ex. The guy I was chatting to had to mention getting beaten up for wearing a dress. a) I always want receipts for these stories. It's harsh to say and most folk song get it, but I know first hand from too many TIMs how lying if second nature b) as soon as I mentioned every woman I know has been subject to sexual out physical violence by men. No comments.

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It makes me wince when they whine about being beat up for presenting feminine. Like okay, doesn't make you different from an effeminate gay man. Doesn't make you a woman.

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If you haven't seen a man fake-sob before, I assure you you'll be able to tell it from real sadness.

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You know what, now that you bring it up, I've only ever seen two men cry (safe from my father when his parents died, which I think is hardly a bad thing, duh :P ) in my entire life. I'm in my late twenties, I don't know how to interpret this.

Whatever it is, I guess I thank you on a personal basis for making me realize this.

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Oh god, that article is still a trainwreck. Sexual orientation is an orientation to be attracted to a given sex (or both of them), not a gender. And no one's assigned sex at birth anymore except maybe a very few unfortunate people with intersex conditions, and even that's becoming way less and less common.

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Many people use the word " gender " as an euphemism for sex these days... :/ I have meet many misogynistic dudes online who don't like TRAs but who still don't see anything wrong with the word gender even though they really mean sex... :/

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Yeah, they did a great job hiding autogynephilia from the masses.