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I loathe messaging of any kind on children's clothing, sexist messaging most of all.

I am also not crazy about so much of boys' clothing being gray and black. Ugh! A happy-go-lucky little boy, full of energy and fun, should not be dressed like an undertaker. When my son was young I was happy to find bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows to dress him in.

But he was still taken by the pinks, shimmery fabrics, and glitter of some of the girls' clothes. Loved princesses, insisted I buy him a sundress (which I did and he wore a couple of times to the delight of his female pals).

Let kids be kids.

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Ugh. At least all of the clothes are an eye sore.

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with a guy who works in trash removal. He told me that one of the perks, besides great pay, is, that toddlers absolutely adore you. Seriously, little kids love trash trucks. How come there is no shirt saying "future waste removal manager?"

lol – I have to admit, the little kids are right. Garbage trucks are pretty cool, and in my experience if you actually get to talk to the people when they need to empty bins directly or line them up, they're really neat to talk to, within reason of course, they've got a job to do.

It’s true. All the kids under five I know love the garbage truck. We have two garbage truck toys.

My youngest has always loved the garbage truck. When she was barely 2 years old, when it came she would jump up and down and yell "garbage truck!" except that the way she talked it sounded like she was saying "stupid fuck!" It was hilarious and it never got old and I was kind of sad when she started enunciating. She's five now and still waves to the garbage guys every week. I bet she'd wear that shirt!

My nieces and nephew have a timer set for the trash truck...they love it SOO MUCH.

I have two nieces and three nephews. The nieces are the oldest and youngest respectively, with a 21 year gap between them. I cannot remember there being a huge difference in the childhood interest of my older niece and her two year younger brother - with the caveat that that younger brother was quite the peculiar child (at one point, he was seriously infatuated with washing machines and he was very fond of listening to consumer tips on the public radio) - they both enjoyed physical activity (playground, swimming, riding bikes), liked animals, the same books and stories and so forth. They both were into the same fads. I don't think, back then, anyone in our family was very concerned in being extra-gender neutral, simply because there seemed absolutely no need for it. They simply were not all that different.

My youngest niece (almost 5) however has parents who are very aware of trying to make sure their daughter understands there are no boy-/girl interests, rather just interests. Yet this girl is obsessed with fairies, princesses and glitter. We think it is because it is marketed extremely hard to kids everywhere. For example - we are a very cat loving family. Finding nice shirts for kids who love cats are hard to find - you can find shirts for GIRLS who like cats. So everything gets categories from a very early age on.

This is why I refused to shop in the girls' section by age 5.

A while ago I was tagging along with my sister while she was getting new school clothes for her son and couldn't help but notice how sexualised some of the girls' clothing is. I got a Spider-Man hoodie for my nephew with the next aisle over displaying tiny, flashy bikinis. I overheard a woman's disgusted comments on it, too. Some parents are really setting up their daughters for a bad time.

WTF is that horrible anime shirt!?

At least you can use clothes interchangeably on toddlers. i get a lot of my daughter's clothes from the boys section because the girls pants/shorts are all tight sausage casing leggings.

When my girls were younger, Target had a nice range of sciency/animal/space prints in the girls section ... not sure what it's like there now. But it's always been a problem how thin and cheaply made girls stuff is compared to boys. Boys is cut bigger and thicker material. So girls can shop in the boys section... but finding something in a girlier print, but a sturdier product... not so easy unless MAYBE you shop more expensive stores.

I was in Target yesterday and they had Sailer Moon stuff sized for a 4yo. I didn't think that was something people really got into until they were older so aiming it at a little kid seemed weird to me. Yeah it's the 4-16 section so it's in bigger sizes, too, but the one I saw was small.

I guess you could say it's no weirder than when people put Romones shirts on a toddler but Sailor Moon (anime in general) seems like such a bad thing for girls any more.