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I shall assemble a committee immediately and put on my best thinking cap!

We need to figure out how a group of people so very very oppressed, extremely marginalized and extensively downtrodden as white transwomen managed to succeed so successfully. Then, we could eliminate oppression in mildly oppressed groups like indigenous women/women of color, gnc lesbians, etc

I would start with charts comparing childhood nutrition and plot out what sized town or city they went through grade school.

There MUST be some connection between white males and caucasian transwomen. We must find it, damnit, we WILL find it.

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Everyone in the Americas : What are Indigenous people ???

Indigenous people are those who were already living in a place before the white settlers/colonizers arrived. In the U.S. they are the Native Americans, formerly called American Indians.

tbf, there is Andrea Jenkins. He got a lot of coverage during the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis.

yes. Also, there were a few TIFs but the number of people born female and/or of color is low compared to white TIMS.