Okay, putting aside the egregious waste of tax payer money, isn't it dangerous to screw with the colors on an EMERGENCY VEHICLE!? Fire engines are bright red because its a distinct color that's easy for motorists to notice. If I saw this abomination on the road, I'd assume it was one of those party vans that brings game consoles to children's parties.

Emergency vehicles... And what happens if they find out the house on fire is owned by a "terf". Do they drive away and let it burn?

Well, thank goodness the UK apparently has no other problems and can afford to waste money on this dumb shit

I want this madness to end already. What an absolute waste of time and money.

Look I’m really sad you were horribly scarred in that fire but check out our cheerful rainbow fire engine! Isn’t it cheering you up? The rainbow ambulance will be along… uh.. um, today, anyway.

"Sorry your house burned down. We meant to buy an additional fire truck so we could cover multiple houses at once. But we spent that money on garish rainbow paint jobs instead!"

not their job, RED is the colour of fire engines, putting out fires and promoting fire safety is their job.

the gays don't need a rainbow fire alarm, they are not stupid they are not magpies who's attention and interest can only be gained by sticking rainbows on everything, know your place!

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RED is the colour of fire engines, putting out fires and promoting fire safety is their job.

Fire engines are red in most jurisdictions, but certainly not everywhere. Some places have ones that are lemon yellow, school bus yellow, lime green, orange, kelly green...




Image gallery of different colored fire engines here: https://www.firehouse.com/apparatus/type/pumper/article/12361204/fire-apparatus-come-in-a-myriad-of-colors


Matchbox, Tonka, Hasbro and other toy manufacturers have been making toy fire trucks in yellow as well as red for many years.



Not in the UK they are not fire engines are red. unless they are airport fire engines.

Its worse than the headline;

''A further £35,000 on rainbow merchandise such as flags was spent nationwide''

''Tom Ryan of the TaxPayers’ Alliance blasted: “Taxpayers are being ripped off in the rush to be right-on.''

This is such a scam…

Aren’t there more buildings that are in the same precarious position as the Grenfell Tower that could use such money to update fire hazards? Not that it would be enough but I imagine it could still be quite a help. Even for increased numbers of smoke detectors in households.