"Dr. Jeffrey Davis said Smith was unfit for release due to his refusal to take responsibility for his actions and his extremely high risk of reoffending." SO WHAT DO THEY DO? LET HIM GO AFTER HE SAYS THOSE MAGICAL WORDS THAT MAKE PEOPLE'S BRAINS FALL OUT: "I'm a poor uwu transgurl."

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Officials then claimed Smith was at a lower risk of re-offending due to an altered testosterone level, and that he “no longer had the sex drive of a man.”

Deluded “professionals”. Perverts don’t stop perverting. When are these brainwashed pros going to learn this and how many children will suffer while they are learning?

But the recommendation was premised upon Smith having the sex drive of a man.

So ‘man’ gets to be a category with distinct features and characteristics

But ‘woman’ he can just ID into. But it definitely makes him low risk, right?

He looks uncomfortably like a TIM who used to harass me. Why do they all have a "look" about them?

The problem with making a class of men who are beyond reproach is that other men will join that class for the cloak of seeming harmless. Men are men whether they wear dresses and take hormone supplements or not.