I wish Taiwan didn't need the backing of the US to counter China's aggression. Honestly I don't even know which superpower is worse for women any more, the US or China?

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I'd say China.. ever since I read about the (proven) business with prisoners' organs, I'm thinking China is one of the worst three countries in the world.

As someone who has lived in China and the US, China has WAY more female CEOs, government members and opportunities. Gender roles are way better in China than they were in the archaic U.S.

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That's great, except when you disagree with the regime, you can end up executed in prison by having surgeons take your heart out and implant it into another person for money.

It's terrible, no doubt about it. But then again, surrogacy is becoming normalized in the US, whence even wealthy Chinese are buying babies. And billionaires funding research into transhumanism... How did we end up in a timeline like this?