Today, a young trans man died in Germany. He was beaten to death after courageously defending two women, who were being attacked homophobically. To all journalists and politicians, who have peddled the anti-trans moral panic: you engaged in stochastic terrorism. This is on you

Of course these people would find a way to blame feminists for a man assaulting 3 women and killing one of them. 🙄

TERFs are also to blame for the Kennedy assassinations, the murder of JonBenet Ramsay, the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, the volcano eruption that decimated Pompeii, the fall of Rome, the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, Hurricane Katrina, the murder of Matthew Shepherd, etc, etc......

Sorry. Stupid trans ideology killed this woman

The woman thought she was a man and tried to fight a man directly instead of standing with the lesbians for support while calling for help or just ignoring it like most men would.

She truly thought she had become a man with a man’s thicker skill and neck musculature.


Women are at hugely increased risk when punched by a man as compared another man her size

As for the violent male who is actually responsible for this violence, we don’t even know if he knew she was a TIF or even an afab.

His act is reprehensible but we don’t know if it even was transphobia.

Men kill men all the time

Men kill women all the time. It never makes the news

Yeah, I was going to say that she may have mistakenly thought she was up to a physical confrontation with a real man.

It's sad really this was a homophobic attack being passed off as transphobic.

Because nobody care about the lesbians. They are of no use to men.

But a dead TIF will somehow prove why men need access to women’s locker rooms

I'll go a step further and say it's not just trans ideology. I'm shocked how many libfems around me have peddled the idea that women who train enough can overpower men. It's a frustrating cope and the women who believe it will get hurt.

I go to the gym 4 times a week and lift. I used to do karate and self defense. My uncle always (responsibly) play fought and wrestled with his nieces because he wanted us to have a feel for it. I would always play fight/wrestle with my kids, especially my daughter.

I had to teach my oldest son that he could no longer go all out with me when he turned 12!!! TWELVE. He was already careful with the ‘little ones’ but didn’t have to hold back with me as long as he didn’t punch.

Did I mention he was twelve?!?

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That's reminiscent of the story about the TiF who was beaten by men at a campground after she inadvertently scared some women in a women's restroom.

If you impersonate the opposite sex, people will assume that you are the opposite sex. And will act or react accordingly. For TiFs, that may mean getting seriously hurt, or even killed.

Transition at your own risk. All the anti discrimination laws in the world are not going protect you in these new and crazy "mistaken identity" situations.

Transphobic attack? He treated her like a man. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even realize she was a woman.

The loss of this brave woman is a tragedy. It wasn't transphobia that killed her, it was a homophobic man. It was the lie that a woman can physically be a man.
May the murderer swiftly face justice.

Even if this was a transphobic attack (looks like homophobic to me) that'd still be the first murder of that nature in Europe. They're less likely to be killed than average too.