He's going to jail because he's violating the court order to stay away from the school grounds. He's insisting he needs to show up and teach even though he's suspended with full pay.

It sounds like civil disobedience to bring eyes and ears to the cause. Why do you seem so against that?

Because his family has done this with gay marriage and numerous other causes all through their lives. His sister lost her job at a top law firm and during the employment tribunal her mother starting screaming at the adjudicator.

They are all academically bright but they are litigatous to the point of being belligerent. The reputation of the family is not that of principled Christians fighting for the way of Jesus but rather a family that fights with everyone. He will represent himself, as they do in all legal cases, and not get the legal points right, instead making it about their persecution and not the case at hand.

This is not the case to rally behind. There will be others but this could set a bad precedent because he won't have a legal team so he won't focus on the issues. Once precedent is laid down, we are stuck with it. It is better to have a case where someone briefs a legal team and listens to them so the correct points are made so we aren't stuck with bad law.

Well, just because they are against gay marriage doesn't mean they are always wrong.

Most of their causes may be wrong, but I gotta say, I have more respect for people who actually put their jobs on the line, even if it is for a wrong opinion, than for cowardly bootlickers who, Peter Pettigrew style, virtue signal for transactivism before their job is even in danger.

But you have a point about the representing himself in court thing. We need a good precedent, another Maya Forstater, not some guy making a mess of it and making it look like being gender critical is about religion.