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He won't purge his contempt due to his religious beliefs and now will sit in jail. I swear this family lives for this persecuted Christian narrative at any cost.

Edit: his contempt is attending the school and attempting to teach classes when he's court ordered not to as a result of an ongoing investigation into his beliefs. He's suspended with full pay and no wrong doing has been found. His problem is the CofI has an inclusive ethos in their schools and always has, albeit in the past this was more for other religions. He would have known this signing up to teach there. The CofI schools have traditionally been more progressive with female clergy, pragmatic views on divorce and abortion as well as gay marriage when the other churches in Ireland were completely against them.

Or he's bringing further attention to the insanity we find ourselves in by refusing to say 2+2=5 and further refusing to acknowledge that that act in itself is sufficient for him to be barred from employment.

His contempt is attending the school when he is restrained from doing so by court order. He is suspended with full pay during this time. He has conflated the court order barring him from the school grounds with his beliefs. These are two different things.

Also, at an earlier date during a celebratory church service he confronted members of the church and school.

He is purposely confusing legal issues here to make it seem he is fighting the TRA battle: he is not.

It is like continuing to go to work or school grounds when you are suspended. Or fired. What if this were a TIM insisting on continuing at a single sex rape crisis center if they had refused to hire or transferred or removed them them? Or a student suspended from campus for sexual assault who kept going on campus? The place for challenging that is the courts. This is not like the lunch counter protests or similar against sexism. Here in the US we have "at will" employment in many states. But does the ruling in Forstater apply in Ireland where he is at?