“With this gender fluid identity, within a day, you can easily experience three, four, or five different gender expressions … and that can end with people using different names or pronouns,” Laurence says.

Imagine having to be around someone who demands five name and pronoun changes a day.

Honestly this is just another variation on consumerism... we have the illusion of so much choice (why do I need four pairs of sunglasses? I don't but they have different frames!) and now it extends to identity. It's only a problem if you can't hold a core sense of self and it seems like these kids are struggling to do that. So they're obsessing with being a different gender every hour.

Imagine trying to avoid them like you would with anyone else who was a genuine chore like that, and then getting flagged as a bigot for it.

people in college are getting in trouble for avoiding TIMs, women specifically of course.

Imagine being someone who thinks that as their mood changes, so does their identity.

And imagine a child being told that they'll be able to have friends even if they do that annoying shit. Even the wokest person won't want to deal with some dumbass changing their name 5 times a day

I had just copied that paragraph and was going to post it in here but you beat me to it. I was thinking the same thing.

So, the kid is dressed like a sex worker. What is the purpose of this? Is it because the staff are too cowed to even suggest that maybe the child ought to dress more appropriately for their PR video? Are they too woke to notice that the child is dressed utterly inappropriately? Or is this purposeful, to continue the march toward the eradication of sexual boundaries altogether?

It's just so concerning.

I honestly don't know what's worse. The intentional erosion of boundaries. Or the adults being too scared of triggering the child to give the child basic life/safety advice

There are many people (women included) on the Twitter thread who are arguing that there is absolutely nothing sexual about this kid’s clothing. It is beyond disturbing and ridiculous. I think at this point, the boy could have been paraded naked in front of the cameras and there would be far too many people ready to justify that as not sexual. I truly hope some of these accounts are bots because I am truly beginning to despair for humanity.


“I feel like it’s something that people should be taught especially at a young age because it’s easier to learn that way, and that way it’s something you’ve always known.”

Yeah, that's how indoctrination works, sweetheart.

I started to write that I would never let my child out of the house like that, but at that age - my daughter would NEVER have wanted to leave the house like that. Kids at that age (girls) usually don't want to bring that much sexual attention to themselves.

Some kids do. Dressing that way is (supposedly) what adults do, and a lot of kids are eager for adulthood. It's the parents' responsibility to say "no", and it's extremely creepy that this kid's parents apparently enforce no boundaries.

13 though? That's about the age girls in my social circle were trying to get attention from older teens. Idk about sexual attention necessarily but trying to hook up? Absolutely.

This is sick. This is why I struggle so hard every time I think of withdrawing from this fight, and then come back to not being able to quit. Even though looking into the abyss makes me want to walk in front of an oncoming train. These children are being abused in the name of "equality." By people who are supposed to be "trusted." People who take an oath to "first do no harm." And yet that's all they're doing. They are hurting kids.

This is why the "cathedral" shut down KF, why they're coming for Mumsnet and Ovarit and Reduxx and Substack. Because we exposed a massively powerful pedophile ring. But because it's being done by ostensible "liberals," who "follow the science," it doesn't get one fraction of the backlash, let alone mainstream exposure, of the revelations about the Catholic Church.

These people are abjectly evil. Sometimes I hope that there is a hell so that these perverts can rot in the pit that is the umpteenth circle of the eternal incinerator. Before that, I want to see them all frog-marched to Gitmo.

So much wrong with that video....

First off, why would I be taking medical advice from a thirteen year old? I'm assuming this kid isn't Doogie Houser and, therefore, doesn't have a medical degree yet. So why should I listen to them about my child's health. That would be like a 45 year old breast cancer patient getting medical advice from an 8 year old leukemia survivor. Just because they have lived experience with an illness, that doesn't make them qualified to speak as experts on what other people should do.

Second, that outfit. Just....that poor kid (not sure if its a boy or girl) must have passed through multiple adults before the camera turned on. And NOBODY stopped to say, "Uh, maybe letting Jupiter be interviewed in a Dollar Store Hooker costume is a bad look for a video being put out by a CHILDRENS HOSPITAL!". Like, his parents let him leave the house like that. The camera people and makeup people didn't suggest new costumes. And neither did the Doctor. Did they see nothing wrong with it? Or are they so cowed by this affirmation ideology that they can't tell this kid "no" out of fear that they'll throw a tantrum and claim this outfit is the only way to prevent suicide.

Third, I noticed this kid was constantly fidgeting with toys during the interview. This child is thirteen. And they're fidgeting like an 8 year old. This makes me suspect that this child is either mentally delayed, autistic, extemely nervous/uncomfortable with being on camera, and/or dealing with some other issue. Whatever the reason, the fidgeting stood out to me. And I think it makes it especially clear that this kid is NOT mature enough to make these decisions (let alone speak as an expert on trans medical care)

This is what the men who lead the trans cult want for all of our children.

That child, that minor, who is obviously a boy, is dressed as pedo bait. I'm completely disgusted that anyone would think it appropriate to dress a child like that and put him on an informational video, as if normalization of the sexualization of children is something we need to be educated on.

There was an interesting thread on the Medicine subreddit recently: https://www.reddit.com/r/medicine/comments/wxepvn/womansuespsychiatristforapproving_gender/. Some of the providers seem to be admitting that they're too afraid to take any action that isn't complete affirmation for cases of Gender Dysphoria.

*Drwillpowers 12 days ago edited 12 days ago DO, LGBT focused FP, HIV Specialist

I know these providers. They are just rubber stamping. They're just as afraid. If any of these providers were to reject someone, they would be Google bombed to death. They'd probably got a brick through their window.

I've talked to providers who have refused patients and said that they didn't think they were a good candidate and yeah it didn't go well for them.

It's a delicate balance, because there are really people who are suffering and who would benefit from this therapy, but there are also people who are being pushed in from societal pressures and other reasons that don't belong in transgender HRT but will get rubber stamped anyway out of fear from the provider.

Legitimately I'm even nervous about making this post here. I guarantee I'm going to get some hate in my private messages because of this.*

Will Powers is really interesting. When I used to post in r/truscum he popped in every so often to discuss HRT. He's been a trans endocrinologist in Canada for years and has a lot of criticism for the pop up informed consent clinics because they are dangerously prescribing blanket doses to anyone who walks in. Throw some estrogen and maybe progesterone at the men and a random dose of T for the women often leaving them with the misconception that if they take a smaller dose they can transition to non binary.

His approach is more specific, I don't know all the details but if there has to be trans medicine he's one of the best in that regard.

He also has had some success with treating minor's gender dysphoria by discovering they had a hormonal inbalance and when that's fixed, they no longer want to transition. I don't know if any of those posts are still up and he was always pretty cautious talking about it. He's not "one of the good ones" because he does sfill transition minors but its sad his more calculated approach is so controversial.