For crying out loud. If everyone stepped up to say what's right this bullshit would be done tomorrow. It's bullying.

I notice JKR's tone is getting more and more "I don't give a f***" all the time. Good.

We' ve all reached that point, did we? We started with "not that all trans people are like that/I still have no problem using preferred pronouns/legitimate trans people exists and they should be respected" and then, when we saw that it wasn' t enough because we were being attacked and threatened anyway no matter how reasonable we were, we progressively switched tune.

The same is happening to her, good. The fact that she was still in the true trans camp bothered me, so I am glad she is getting there.

Good on Rowling for going to bat for this guy. Thanks to Maya Forstarter, it's illegal for him to be discriminated against for believing in biology. Here's hoping he isn't forced out nor made to give a Macy Gray style apology at gunpoint

It's honestly haunting how often and quickly this happens. The headlines always make it sound extra dystopian. "Taking a step back" is a rather gentle way to phrase it, don't you think?