I have a very small discord server that is focused on radical feminism, but includes a bunch of channels for different topics, including one for sharing photos of our pets. The server has very few members now and is pretty quiet because we are mostly invite-only and by word of mouth. Inactive members get kicked from the server after a while. Members are required to fill out a survey when they join before they are given access to all of the channels in the server.

I know there are other servers as well, but i don't know how active they are either. I wouldn't mind growing my server again and having more GC women as friends all around the world.

Feel free to message me privately for links, I won't name servers or share links publicly for security reasons and to help maintain the female-only policy.

Late here but I would LOVE a GC art space. I make things and want to share with other women who make things.

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I'd love to be in a good general radfem discord server if anyone knows one, and more than willing to verify I am indeed an adult human female

I just post art between friends. So many art communities are full of TRAs

I have a moderately large social media following, mostly furries since I draw cartoon animals. On one hand I appreciate that so many people are interested in my work. I don’t feel as harshly about furries as a lot of people here do— most of the people following me are just awkward goofy teenagers who like to draw animals. I was that kid once.

On the other hand, I just can not escape the trans stuff with these people. Not every fursona has to have either surgery scars or giant boobies!! Jesus.

My discord is branded in line with my social media, so I couldn’t join a gc server without risking doxing myself, unless I made an alt account. I’ve been considering making one for a while. Maybe now’s the time, haha.

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I... I would really like one, yeah

The only ones I know of are more general radfem fandom discords that aren't really art focused

I would be very interested, I'd love to have a GC art space

I'm not an artist but it'd be nice to have one. Unfortunately there's no way to guarantee it'd be free from The Men.