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At this point Title IX is used for everything except ensuring women’s right to education

A professor is sanctioned for sexual harrassment over not using stupid neopronouns, but men who invade women's changing rooms are not only let off scot-free, but even applauded?

I daily expect the apocalypse. This shit is waaaay more out there than calves with two heads and stuff.

A woman is doing this—using Title IX to prop up her ego. How ignorant must someone be, how self-centred, how self-dramatising, to do this.

This is going to water down the seriousness of what sexual harassment actually is. It isn’t someone refusing to play pretend by not going along with made up language.

This is all so ridiculous. I can’t believe things have gotten this bad.

The gender identity lobby avoids using the word "sex" unless it's to tar gender critical people with the accusation of "sexual harassment" when they don't follow the gender identity script.

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Do these people even know what sexual harassment or assault is? At some point, you've got to start wondering.