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Well, I'm not a fan of religion, but this guy is on the right track. And I like his way of protesting.

"I'm here to work" lol I'm really down with that guy. And given the history of religion in Ireland oof! I wonder if this might not be a really good thing this man's doing.

As an atheist I have no love for evangelicals, but freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Which also includes freedom from compelled speech. Just like Enoch can’t force me to say prayers, nor should his speech be compelled.

As stated earlier he is in contempt for breaching a court order to not attend the school whilst he is suspended on full pay. It is normal for all employees who are suspended from work to not be allowed on work grounds due to potential conflict. I believe in the US many shootings have been in workplaces by disgruntled employees/former employees.

He can purge his contempt at anytime by saying he will not go on the school's grounds but he refuses citing his religious beliefs.

Also, here in Ireland almost all our schools are associated with a church because this is how our schooling system was set up. This is what makes Enoch's complaint so strange: he's saying the use of "they" in contrary to Church of Ireland beliefs but he isn't Church of Ireland. The Church of Ireland, next to the Unitarians and Quakers here, are probably the most liberal--i can't speak for the North.

Wilson's Hospital (the school) has a Church of Ireland ethos and policies regarding inclusion. He may not agree but this is why people send their children to that school.

He knew he would be in contempt of court. He did it on purpose to bring attention to his cause. I wish he wasn't basing it on Christianity, but he is getting the media attention he wanted. Getting oneself arrested is a legitimate method of protest.

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This family pulls these sort of stunts all the time using their Christianity as a basis for whatever goes wrong for them (usually self-inflicted or staged it would appear). Just Google "Burke family Mayo Ireland". They are well known here.

Here is a recent article https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/theyre-not-liked-here-locals-in-mayo-say-burke-family-look-for-platforms-to-shove-their-opinions-down-our-throats-41979428.html

Ireland STOP. These people are deeply harmed by patriarchal religion and colonialism. I don't think they know another way of being at this point

I heard he was jailed for skipping bail or something like that, not as a direct result of not using preferred pronouns.

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I think I read on here that he was jailed for turning up to teach at school even though he had been suspended at full pay.

Gotta admire his courage. Though of course, he risks much less than a woman.

I openly admit that I would not risk being jailed in a country that has drunk the koolaid. I doubt that I would be brave enough to die for my convictions, but I definitely will not let myself be raped for any cause whatsoever. There's a limit. And by imprisoning pervy men who demand it with women, rape has de facto been introduced as added punishment for ALL imprisoned women. Rape may not be a guarantee, but being forced to undress in front of males sure is. Considering how few womens' prisons there are, it is veeeery unlikely there is a single one left that is not colonized by male rapists.

Gotta admire his courage

Nah, this guy and the rest of his family are total lunatics. Anti woman, anti gay, anti abortion. There's nothing to admire here just a case of a broken clock being right twice a day.

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No, but I think the way in which he defied the court is good. He didn't break anything, he just protested in a very passive aggressive way that didn't actually hurt anyone and still made his point. I think his protest strategy was good.

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Gyns, read the provided link lol... It literally says that he got jailed for contempt of court because he still showed up for work despite being ordered not to! 😉

I'm judging you two!! 😉😉