The victim had her vulva burnt. A lot of the evidence was censored but reading btwn the lines i suspect the motive for the murder was that the victim had rejected advances. They had only met the day before

Good. Frigging disgusting

I hope the Kiwis know this was not a woman’s crime

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Disturbingly, during Pairama’s torture, a group of police officers visited the abandoned house Pairama was being kept in, seeking a former tenant who lived at the residence. Pairama was sent to answer the door, and the officers could see she was distressed and had been crying.

Winter interjected in the interaction, and told the officers she had just broken up with a boyfriend and dismissed them. During the trial, one officer told the court that he had felt Winter was “the boss” in the situation.

Fucking cops are less than useless. This girl was tortured and another teen girl was traumatized for this sick fuck's amusement and he's probably on his way to a cushy 20 years in a women's prison :((

I'm crying at how much this world hates women and girls.

I can't understand who is being referred to half the time in this article. Was the victim trans? Demetrius is usually a male name, and the picture of the victim looks like a TIM. This is the insanity and destabilization of reality TRAs want. It will become complete anarchy because no one will understand what anyone is talking about anymore.

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Anyone know why she didn’t accept the help to escape (assuming the witness is telling the truth)? The article makes it vaguely sound like she wanted to die or something.