I enjoyed her earlier videos but think she went off the rails with the blackpill stuff. I've seen the (quite popular) Ovarit post a few days ago about her comparing mothers to pigs. Was that the reason? Does anyone know?

I enjoyed her earlier videos but think she went off the rails with the blackpill stuff. I've seen the (quite popular) Ovarit post a few days ago about her comparing mothers to pigs. Was that the reason? Does anyone know?


It’s a shame to hear she’s self-cancelled. I hope she reposts her content. She’s human, she’s allowed to be controversial, she’s allowed exploring ideas and theories. I want to see women free speeching even when I don’t agree.

I hate to see women self-censoring and applaud any woman who is brave enough to say things that upset others, even if I don’t agree.

She's such a small YouTuber it's so weird how much "criticism" people have against her. The response to her, even on here has been really absurd, she has such a small following it's funny how people watch her every word and act like she's committed huge sins. Nobody has to like her but jeez, talk about a disproportionate response.

A lot of criticism seemed to be anyway "I don't know her, never watched a single video from her, but she is probably very bad." Those are actually the ones I always find irritating. I have no problem with criticizing women myself after I engaged in good faith with them for a while. But joining a dogpilling because you "think" she might be a bad person after seeing a 5 seconds clip is weird.

Yeah same. She did an updated video and said a line that really struck me on how we treat all the women sticking their necks out in this fight, it went basically "she's one person where as we're many"( she said it better lol) and that there's power in the many. It's not easy to be just one person and wheather attacks on all sides. Imperfect activism from women has to be okay, and people can say criticism all they want but I've never seen almost 250 comments on ovarit for men who commit crimes, that's why I call it a disproportionate response.

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Do you mean on other threads?

On the big thread the other day it was criticism of her video and what it suggests. No one criticised her. There was one short discussion about her reasons for posting it, the background running up with regards to other you tubers. If I was her I would found that hurtful/offensive. But no one tore into her, just critiqued her video and implications. Discussing someone’s ideas isn’t a disproportionate response or absurd.

*I don’t agree with cancel culture, but think everyone should be free to discuss and critique any ideas or art or ideas that are provoked by art.

I hope she puts her feminist videos back up. She could maybe turn off the comments section if she doesn't want to deal with the haters, but people need to hear what she has to say. Her commentary videos are well crafted and incisive.

People gave her flack for the pig video, which I don't really get. How is it not bondage to have 10 kids? A lot of people may have misunderstood her point.

For her having only a very small channel, she's facing a lot of harassment. And I honestly don't understand it. There are GC Youtubers that I don't really agree with on much, but I just let them be. Why target small niche channels from women you don't agree with? For every woman you don't agree with you'll find a man with more reach who says outright evil stuff. We should be more concerned with criticicizing male lunatics than revocing "feminist cards" from women.

I'm not saying women don't do any harm with falsely calling themselves feminists while wanting to uphold patriarchy - but it's a question about proportion.

Her feminist videos were really good, and I hope she at least picks and chooses to put some of it back up. I really identified with her journey and self discovery over the last few years.

Well she's had some issues being harassed, to the point police had to be involved so I don't really blame her. She sticks to her own business on her channel. Other people for some reason want to engage and cause beef instead of just doing their own thing. She's still doing live streams but privates them for the moment.

I have no idea. I'm guessing the backlash surrounding her comments on mothers and motherhood got to her. Or maybe she was tired of the supposed feud she was having with other GC YouTubers. Though I don't understand why she felt the need to nuke her whole channel instead of just taking a break

I'm hoping she just needed some time away from the internet to get away from the negativity. She's been kinda hostile in the comments section lately. So maybe she just needed a break from all that. I just hope it wasn't because of something bad like getting threatened or doxed.

I can’t recall the exact phrasing, and am loathed to reference myers brigs, but it does remind me of INFJ burnout/melt down, where we want to erase everything. Like a ripping up the whole essay to start afresh, because we can’t see our way out of fixing what we’ve already done. Or how we give people thousand chances and then reach our limit and cut them out.

So hopefully it’s a personality related thing and not more concerning reason?

I've seen on YT that she had a feud with another GC youtuber.. that woman rly went after her.. I honestly don't know if it was justified or not since I usually stay away from drama within the feminist community.

Lisa never really engaged beyond telling people it was happening, and that woman was making documentaries...hours long from what I understand. Very crazy stuff. While she's been harassed it seems it went really nuts behind the scenes, as in one case police had to be involved to get the person to stop. So I'm sure it's been wild in many ways for her. It's damn sad.