This was absolutely repulsive. These men are being allowed to cover the women's bathrooms in rape and murder threats at a university where the women are so often sexually assaulted and raped in the bathrooms that the school had to install emergency buttons. The men are also uniting to crowd women out of their own bathrooms, while still having their own.

I think the majority of men are seriously at a much lesser evolved state than the majority of women. Their behavior is absolutely appalling and the more free they are to do what they'd like the more they do it.

Sexual assaults at UNAM are so common that the University recently had to install emergency buttons inside of the cubicles of women’s washrooms.

... fuck...

Also how typically male to use threats of murder and rape.

How unsurprising that the TIMS don't seem to mind the other men now using the facilities with them..oh yeah, because it was never about safety from other men.

This world is becoming an mra freak show. The women need to threaten to sue, though I know that is easier said than done. The men are not going to be satisfied until they run them all out of school and prevent them from getting an education.

[–] Medusa91 9 points Edited

Mexico, where 13 women and girls die to femicide everyday and twans women feel emboldened to continue threatening them with violence, rape and death

[–] alicetwilight 3 points Edited

What a surprise! Violent men being violent towards women and authorities do nothing at all! Even with all the women deaths and sexual violence against women in Mexico, Mexican men refuse to acknowledge it, because "everybody is a victim of violence, not only women".

Transactivism is the perfect excuse for males to be violent against females who say no to them, and they get to play victim too! TIMs are not safe because of the evil Terfs, so they will rape them and kill them! Poor trans are helpless victims! 🤡

"más puteria"

Showing their true male colours. I hope they follow their own advice and start selling their hairy asses on the street. Should get them a nice reward in Mexico for sure.

[–] loren 8 points Edited

Me dan asco todos. Puro asco. Puta madre, como es que se permitió esta ideología en Mexico? Muy machos los hombres Mexicanos pero a la mera hora valen mierda.

[–] EternaEspiral evil latina terf 0 points

Pues justamente porque es muy machista aquí y es un movimiento por los derechos de los hombres. Tiene sentido.

Lo triste es que haya mujeres que lo apoyan.

Que tan grande es el apoyo de las mujeres a estos hombres en Mexico? Dirías que es similar a su apoyo en los EU o RU?