But I am a woman! A woman, I tell you!

(Hollywood hires a woman to play him in a big-bucks film.)

Nawww, SHE can't play me! SHE has no idea!

(Actress who had been hired for the role bows out and falls all over herself apologizing.)

The most critical piece of information missing is that trans-identified females are now outnumbering trans-identified males, as this peer contagion is warping the minds of our young girls at record speeds. You would think they'd have more than enough "actors" to choose from, but I guess not!

Considering it's easier for females to pass as males than the reverse, you'd really think they'd also be more fitting for the silver screen. But burly men in dresses have natural advantages in this arena that women don't, like, gee, I don't know... economic security and the ability to chase their dreams, and pay for costly procedures? We seem to forget how much of even being able to pass is a serious indication of financial privilege. It truly is a first-world problem.

It's so weird. When you look a list of trans elected officials, they are also overwhelmingly People With Prostates. It's almost like issues of power, privilege and oppression don't follow gender identity at all, but rather continue to align with natal sex. I just don't get it.


And didn’t Alexis Arquette detransition before he died? Should he even be listed as a trans actress?

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Yes, he did, and no, he shouldn’t. But didn’t Marsha Johnson always say he was a gay man before he died? Facts don’t fit the narrative.

ETA: So much for respecting self-ID when it’s inconvenient.