Think it will last until then?

Think it will last until then?


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In the bin, in court, in prison, and in history books as a warning for women to never take our eyes off men for a second because as soon as we turn our backs to them they get their dicks out to use as weapons to harm women and girls and to destroy society.

It will fade to the background like lobotomies, Satanic panic, and other weird social trends.

It won’t survive the coming hard economic times, because people will have no tolerance for first world pseudo-problem bullshit and will be much more short-tempered.

I predict it will be crumbling within 10 years. It's gonna get messy and I think a lot of ppl who will be in their late teens/early 20s+ in ten years will be suing doctors and/or their parents for mutilating their bodies, rendering them infertile and unable to even have the simple pleasure of a fucking orgasm.

And that's just the beginning - prescribing puberty blockers to transgender children is an off-label use of the drug and there are no long term studies to know what the long term effects of it will be. What we have observed is...not great. Ppl losing teeth, lowered bone density, chronic fatigue etc. Don't get me started on the dangers of flooding your body with cross sex hormones, like fucking uterine prolapse

I'm thinking lots of class action lawsuits and backtracking or just straight up lying from all these dumbasses

I think it will still be around, but less popular. Big Tech, Big Pharma, and plastic surgeons love this crap, and they will continue to innovate new and improved ways for people to “transform” themselves and “best” nature.

As others have said, what will slow the growth of the trend is 1) higher priorities in society, like an economic and environmental crisis and 2) a new cultural fad that attracts the kinds of vulnerable people who were easily captured by this ideology.

But AGPs will likely always exist. A worst case scenario is that society continues becoming more and more tolerant of people walking around openly advertising their most depraved, degenerate fetishes. In that case, I think we should fear whatever the next major cultural shift is.

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It'll definitely still be around, unfortunately. These ideologies don't die off so easy, and especially more so with social media continuing to spread it.

Social media was a mistake.

This. Historical movements didn’t have social media driving them. This is a new precedent.

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I believe so too. We must work to cut off their influence in institutions and law making, and thus make them a marginalized pseudo-scientific cult that can live out their delusions in peace just like we allow other religions to live in peace in our secular societies. Other, more ancient, boundary pushing religions have been defanged in modern society so it should be possible to do it with this cult as well.

It'll still be around, but hopefully small as the ever growing expensive lawsuits mean no reputable medical practitioner will go near them. Also people like Dr Yeet-the-teet will be beginning a very long prison sentence for medical malpractice.

It’ll still be around. I expect those who have already invested in it will consolidate into larger four fronts, so outwardly looking like there is large representation, but in the general population I think that their behaviors and tactics and illogical beliefs are getting exposed and will be fully exposed the majority of the population thinks it’s bullshit.

I think it will result in a serious reduction in the birthrate of a demographic already reproduction challenged. That it will be recognized as a big mistake and a violation of human rights. And that confidence in medical science and pharmaceutical corporations will be severely eroded.

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And that confidence in medical science and pharmaceutical corporations will be severely eroded.

We saw this happen in part with covid and anti-vaxx already. People don't "trust the science" anymore, especially when said science is telling us a man in a dress is a woman.

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It'll likely become an obscure subculture like otherkin

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Hoo boy.

It is a rising subculture now, not obscure. Trans wasn't enough, and DID is getting old. Therians are in.

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The only therians I know are the spiritual kind and seem pretty sane, I haven't heard of it becoming trendy again.

Most of it will be dead. Society will have realized how wrong it was.

There will probably still be a few special snowflakes who refuse to give up, like flat earthers.

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