This dude is no different than the TIMs invading women's spaces. He's going to go wherever he wants to go when he wants to. He doesn't care if he's welcome. He doesn't care whether the people the space belongs to want him there. He doesn't care if there are legal prohibitions on him being there. It's all about him and what he wants.

This dude is no different than any other person engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to protest for his rights, that being the right not to say 2+2 = 5 and the right to not lose his job for that. He's very much different from mobs rioting and burning stuff down because they are having a massive tantrum when they don't get their way, which is closer to what the TRAs do. Good for this guy.

Sure seems like they enjoy making trouble.

I still doubt he would have been jailed if there was no TRA tyranny in the UK.

There have been dozens of idiotic protestors against the Covid safety precautions in Germany, and to my knowledge, none of them have been jailed. (Well, that guy who murdered a cashier who asked him to wear a mask probably will be. But none of the idiots walking around with signs claiming Merkel was a dictator.)

A healthy democracy can tolerate all sorts of idiots. But TRA tyranny cannot tolerate people who speak the truth, because it is based on lies and would fall if the truth were revealed to all.

The courts have to jail those who violate court orders or the court orders are worthless. It really has nothing to do with TRAs here even though the initial issue stems from it.

As far as the UK, we are independent from them and God knows have lagged behind in many things. We only just legalised abortion.

This is never going to end. He tried to run his earlier arguments, which was procedurally wrong. He is not interested in purging his contempt and the Judge pointed out he's not in contempt for his religious beliefs but violating the court order to not attend the school whilst suspended during the investigation.