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This kills, they’re going to try to re educate women that penis-havers are women.

Earlier this year, the revelation that mixed-sex universities in Japan were systematically lowering the entrance exam scores of female applicants in order to deny them admission sparked widespread controversy. Since the start of 2022, two Japanese universities have been ordered to pay restitution to female applicants for discrimination, and a third is currently in court proceedings.

Loving that merri-cock-cracy

Japanese women may be superficially polite to the TIMs, but they will never accept them. There are many subtle ways to let someone know they are an outsider, they will not have the support they get in the west.

They don't have as much support in the west as they imagine they do. The non-support isn't how they characterize it, most of us don't actually want them dead, but it's definitely there.

Yeah, but socially they will sometimes have groups of female friends fawning over them - I don’t see that happening there

Gas-lighting entire population of students for TIMs seem like one of the most cultish things I can think of.

There's literally manga and probably anime of self-insert loser MCs sneaking into women's' schools by disguising themselves as women. And you know what that's about.

Japanese men appear to be even more perverted and depraved than average. If the gender woo legitimately takes hold there, I'm terrified for Japanese women. They'll see the worst of it yet.

They have one weapon and they need to use it: un-enroll.

That's going to cut them off from higher ed and better jobs. That benefits no one but the men. It's a trap.

This is why, where & when we need some single sex women's colleges to stay that way as a bulwark & refuge. AND maybe start female medical/nursing/dental schools associated with Women's hospitals & colleges which would specialize in treatment & research for females. In EVERY country. That would set the standards for women's health care. And whose graduates or women who worked in the women's hospitals would be much sought after for women's health depts. in OTHER hospitals-so they can be role models & set the standards higher in those hospitals. But it would need wealthy & influential female backers & female medical leaders to get it up & running.

yes because if they rely on one red cent from the government they'll have to include the betesticled as "women" in these institutions.

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