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You know when you have dry skin and it’s driving you up the wall and you dig through your bathroom cabinet or bag and find some thick oily lotion and get a gob of it and slather it on the itchy skin and that wave of relief hits and you audibly sigh?

That’s what Victoria Smith’s writing is for me

I was just sitting here thinking about how dry my skin is and then I read this haha. Off to marinate myself 😂

Or with the male of the species pissing to mark his territory being treated as a rejection, as opposed to a reinforcement, of the dominant power structure.

Glosswitch is great.

A trenchant reaction to the piss protest outside the EHRC (UK).

In essence, I am sick to death of the insistence that female people will be liberated from gender norms by ramping up the degree to which male people are permitted to do whatever the hell they like. “Shit on me, I don’t care”, as Gillian Flynn’s Cool Girl puts it, or, in this case, urinate on me. Only a conservative dullard would see the same old male effluvia. The true progressive sees the fall of the patriarchy in a puddle of piss.

I love that Victoria links to Gillian Flynn's 'cool girl' monologue from Gone Girl.

Most relateable anti-hero I've ever read.

Wow--whoever pissed some of that piss was seriously dehydrated. That one bottleful is almost radioactively orange.